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Johnnie Casson

A legend amongst comedians

From your first encounter with JOHNNIE CASSON you soon realise he not only tells funny stories, based on his situations in life, he is a genuine funny man with a natural asset, "like-ability". Johnnie has appeared on five ITV Des O'Connor Shows, two shows for ITV from the London Palladium, with Bruce Forsyth, many guest spots on Game Shows, Chat shows and appearances on many entertainment shows for all major television channels, including his own half hour show on Sky One.

Johnnie Casson hails from Halifax, West Yorkshire, now living in Brighouse for tax reasons, as he will tell you. He commenced his showbiz career as drummer with "The Cresters", one of the country's favourite comedy show groups. It wasn't long before Johnnie took over the lead comic role, a role to which he was perfectly suited and one to which he was committed for the 21 years with the band. As well as touring with The Beatles, the band topped the bill in the then thriving cabaret clubs and found success on many television shows such as "Cliff Richard & Friends".

Whilst on holiday, his family persuaded him to enter a national talent contest. To his amazement, he not only won the heats, but also won the outright prize at The London Palladium. This encouraged him to leave the band and set off on the path as a solo performer. Television soon followed, an appearance on "Bobs Says Opportunity Knocks" prompted Bob Monkhouse to say, "Johnnie is one of the top four comedians in the country". A chance to take part in Granada TV's remake of the historic "Comedians" show found Johnnie being featured on all 6 shows and was critically acclaimed as the find of the series.

BOB MONKHOUSE "Johnnie Casson is one of the top four comedians in the country"
SHIRLEY MacLAINE "I love this man - he is so funny"
DES O'CONNOR "one of the funniest comedians ever to appear on the show"
BERNARD MANNING "Johnnie Casson is the second best comedian in Britain"
JIM BOWEN "Johnnie is the head of the comedy class"
SIR JOHN MILLS "I haven't laughed so much since i saw max miller in 1935!"
FRANK CARSON "Johnnie Casson, I hate him - he's funnier than me, and younger"
BRUCE FORSYTH "Johnnie Casson is so funny he could become an enemy"
GENE PITNEY "Johnnie is the only comedian who can make the band laugh - night after night"
BOBBY BALL "Johnnie is one of my all time comedy heroes"
STAN BOARDMAN "Casson is too funny for his own good"
ROY WALKER "Johnnie Casson has to be my favourite comic"
GARRY BUSHELL "Johnnie packs more laughs in 5 minutes than most current TV comics can in 30"
The Daily Mirror "Johnnie Casson is a natural successor to Les Dawson"
The Stage "a man who must be one of the finest comics on the scene today, whose superb timing & quaint delivery is an object lesson to younger comedy performers ".

ITV Network "Summer Time Special"
"The New Comedians
"Celebrity Squares".
"Comedians Christmas Cracker.
"Talking Telephone Numbers"
"Live From The Lillydrome "
"Des O'Connor Tonight " 5 appearances
"Talking Telephone Numbers"
"Sunday Night at the London Palladium" - Live
"Tonight at the London Palladium"
"Christmas Des O'Connor Show" (Dec 31)
"Des & Mel" 5 appearances
BBC TV "Rock With Laughter"
"Jim Davidson Presents"
"Money In The Bank"
"Gag-Tag" (at the request of Bob Monkhouse)
SKY ONE "Stand & Deliver" (Own 30 minute show)
SKY UK GOLD "After The Show
CHANNEL 5 "Jack Docherty Show"
"Big Stage" - 31st December

London Palladium
Bradford St Georges Concert Hall
York Opera House
Blackpool Grand Theatre
Blackpool Opera House
Black North Pier Theatre
Black pool Central Pier Theatre
Scarborough Futurist
Torquay Princess Theatre
Babbacombe Downs
Rochdale Gracie Fields Theatre
St Helens Theatre Royal
London Cambridge
London Barbican
Swansea Grand Theatre
Billing ham Forum
Halifax Victoria Theatre
Thameside Theatre
Stockport Plaze
Skegness Embassy
Hunstanton Princess
Motherwell Civic
Newcastle Civic
Rhyl Pavillion
Southport Floral Hall
Newtown Theatre Hafren
Leeds City Varieties
Rotherham Civic
Chesterfield Winding Wheel
Newark Palace
Bridlington Spa
Hanley Theatre Royal