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Paul Maguire

From the Fenlands of East Anglia, Paul Maguire is a stand up comedian with a strong local following. His set, based on Fen life is outrageous to say the least and definitely not for the easily offended or the squeamish.

This became apparent during a summer season in Great Yarmouth when he was sound checking for the evening's show and accidentally broadcast his infamous 'The Bishop Of Ely's S**t' routine to a gathering crowd on the external speaker system at 3pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

His set is original and self penned and based on life in the Fens and includes the use of a stack of keyboards, lights, lasers and a Hi-Fi quality Bose linear PA system. Paul is actually a talented keyboard player who appeared on many albums, worked as a session keyboard player and performs with a Pink Floyd covers band called Blue Haze. He uses many sound effects and very funny recorded phone calls of various characters calling up at various times during the routine, complaining about the content. The set concludes with a hilarious call back to the beginning of the show and a smoke machine. Not saying any more than that as a video is planned as soon as he can find someone brave enough to flog it.

He has created a unique way of shocking the audience with outrageous punch lines, statements and observations without using any out of bounds subjects and thrives on hecklers. He has been known to wade through the audience to sit next to them for a little chat which always leaves the heckler wishing he had kept his gob shut and the audience laughing at his expense.