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Ben Lawes

Ben has been influenced in his comedy writing and performing from an early age,with inspiration from such greats as Morecambe and Wise and Tommy Cooper to his present day favourites such as Lee Mack, Sean Lock, Mickey Flanaghan, Tom Stade, Jason Cook and many others

Based in Bolton, Ben performs up to and beyond 30 min sets across the UK, wth regularly compering both large and small venues, he shows his versatility on a comedy stage. Performing in comedy clubs, like the Comedy Store Manchester / London to corporate events / Sportsmans Dinners and closing smaller venues.

With a  mixture of confidence, empathy and a sarcastic bitter twist on observational humour, combined with a number of superbly crafted gags, he is able to keep the crowds attention from start to finish.

Ben made the final of the Frog and Bucket world series 2008 on only his second ever time on a comedy stage and in 2010 took a show up to the Edinburgh festival - Ben El Fun with fellow comedian El Purnell ( Rex Purnell ).

Paid Support Include :-
Funhouse Comedy
Buzz Comedy ( Also MC work)
Otherside of comedy
Mirth Control ( Also MC work)
Hit and Run Comedy
Thistle Comedy ( Also MC work)
Laughing Penguin
Laughter Surgery
Jamie Sutherland

Paid Middles Include :-
Pete Vincent ( Tenfeettall )
Tongue in Cheek comedy
Rob Riley ( Various Venues )
XS Malarkey.

Opens  :-
Comedy Store - Manchester and London
Frog and Bucket

Corporate :-
Fosters Comedy
Moat House
Numerous Sports Venues
Various Charity Events ( Inc. Breakthrough and Cancer Res. )
Quotes from promoters, press and acts :-

Ben did great - Pete Vincent ( TFT comedy)

Ben Lawes ripped it with a 400+ audience present - Jason Cook

I enjoyed what you did - Toby Hadoke ( XS Malarkey )

I was impressed - Jon Reed ( Otherside of Comedy)

Brilliant - Neil Fitzmaurice (Slaughterhouse )

Ben Lawes was very good. - Des Sharples ( Iguana Club,Mirth on Monday)

Cracking set - Comedy Station
Finely honed anecdotes laced with memorable imagery and performed with an engaging laconic style - Anthony J Brown

Material refeshingly up to the minute - Blackpool Gazette.
Impressive, very good play on words - Remotegoat
Class Act - Bryan Malcolm ( Ha Ha comedy club )

Reliable, Dependable, always funny - Mark Pollard ( Thistle Comedy )

Competitions :-

http://nht-2.extreme-dm.com/n2.g?login=comedycv&pid=index&jv=y&j=y&srw=1024&srb=32&l=http%3A//www.google.co.uk/search%3Fhl%3Den%26source%3Dhp%26q%3Dben+lawes+comedy+cv%26meta%3D%26rlz%3D1R2ADBF_en-GBGB328%26aq%3Df%26oq%3DFrog and Bucket world series finalist 2008
Make the lion Larff winner December 2008

References :-
Pete Vincent ( Tenfeettall )
Spiky Mike ( Funhouse )
Agraman ( Buzz Comedy )
Rob Riley
Bryan Malcolm ( Ha Ha Comedy )
Jon Reed ( Otherside of Comedy )
Graeme Nicholson ( Heineken )