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Joe Rogan

"I'm one of those crazy people who believes that all human beings share one consciousness. So if you're mean and evil to someone, you're being evil to yourself. But I also believe in a lot of dumb shit like Bigfoot and UFO's, so it's tough to take me seriously. I just find it a little odd that the same government that denies the existence of UFO's insists on sticking to the "single bullet theory." Joe Rogan.

You may know Joe Rogan best as either the presenter of Fear Factor; the commentator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship; or the co-host of the Man Show. You might not be aware that he is also one of the hottest properties in American comedy. Following total sell out shows in Manchester and Belfast, for two nights only he will be bringing his unique brand of comedy to the Nation's Capital city. His form of stand-up, delivered with characteristic energy and passion, is hysterically funny. The raw honesty and intensity of his performances place him among a rare breed of stand-ups like Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks and Doug Stanhope, not afraid to share their deepest, darkest thoughts with a roomful of strangers.

Recently he was elevated to super hero status among the comedy community for on stage revealing Carlos Mencia was a joke-thief. Within a matter of hours the video of Rogan confronting Mencia was one of the most watched videos on Youtube and the repercussions have led Rogan to be dropped by his agent, banned from the Comedy Store and further confirmed his status as one of the few comedians brave enough to expose the truth no matter what the consequences.

In spite of ever increasing schedule of work on TV and Hollywood, his first love has remained performing live, and make no mistake about it, you will not see the host of Fear Factor when you come to the club. What you will see is a rabblerousing dynamo who freely speaks his mind, a refreshing change from the polished and scripted laugh-crafters who have made stand-up comedy the somewhat tired art that it is today. Rogan exudes a mad joy for life in all its insanity, depravity, and delicious dirt; if Henry Miller had done stand-up, it would have come out like Joe Rogan's act.

Joe's first U.K. DVD will be released in October on the Best Medicine label.

"Joe Rogan has earned a reputation as a stand-up whose material can best be described as acerbic, outspoken, vulgar, coarse, offensive, aggressive, volatile, dangerous, bitter, confrontational, cynical, sick, vile, blunt,
disgusting and funny." Austin Chronicle

"he has a delivery like a chemistry experiment, always bubbling away, sometimes under control, sometimes violently, with the exhilarating chance of a dangerous explosion ever-present. He releases this energy in sharp, controlled bursts of angry characterisation, the build-up of emotion and argument packing power to the punchline." Chortle.co.uk