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Phil Nichol

Phil Nichol is a truly unique performer. An acclaimed actor, award winning comedian, producer, presenter, writer and musician there is no end to his talent. Phil is an energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work. His skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalled. With a surreal edge to some of his mischievous rantings Nichol always brings something new to the stage, his keen sense of fun and eye for the shocking and absurd has cemented his position as one of the best comedians on the circuit today. His assured and award winning performances in his theatrical work have attracted critical accolades and see him in great demand as an actor. This summer, Phil is filming „Holy Flying Circus‟ – a BBC drama about the censorship of Monty Python‟s Life Of Brian – in which he will be playing Terry Gilliam, alongside Rufus Hound and Steve Punt.
Phil headlines all the major comedy clubs around the country and is also heavily involved as a resident host in Old Rope a new material night which runs in London and Brighton.
Phil also presented the 2007 IF.Comedy Award alongside his One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest co-star Christian Slater.
This year, Phil performed a new hour of hilarious stand up and songs, called the 'Simple Hour' at The Stand in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as featuring in 'Somewhere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still' at the Gilded Balloon.
Just For Laughs – Montreal
Melbourne Comedy Festival
Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Liverpool Comedy Festival
Glasgow Comedy Festival
Leicester Comedy Festival
Manchester Comedy Festival
Cambridge Comedy Festival
New Zealand Comedy Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Altitude Festival
Adelaide Fringe Festival
Paramount Comedy Festival – Brighton
Carlsberg Comedy Festival – Dublin
The Mentos International Comedy Festival - Durban
My Teenage Diary – BBC Radio 4
Mitch Benn Music Show – BBC Radio 7
Self Storage - BBC Radio 4
Look Away Now – BBC Radio 4
Hot Gossip – BBC Radio 2
The Maltby Collection – BBC Radio 4
4 In a Field – BBC Radio 4
Holy Flying Circus – BBC Four 2011
Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club – ITV4 - 2010
One Star – BBC1 & BBC2
Fur TV- ‘Fat Ed‟ – 8 Eps – 2008
Comedy Songs: The Pop Years – 2008
Thank God You’re Here - 2 Eps – 2008
Comedy Shuffle – 2007
The Graham Norton Show – 2007
The Most Annoying Pop Songs…We Hate to Love – 2007
The IF.Comedy Awards: A Comedy Cuts Special - 2007
Comedy Cuts – 2007
What The F**?!! -2007
Graham Norton’s Bigger Picture - 2006
Never Mind The Buzzcocks - 2006
Annually Retentive – (Producer) – 2006
Comedy Lab – ‘Keith Hutton‟ -2006
Broken News - „ Josh Cashman‟ – 6 Eps – 2005 –
The World Stands Up – 2004
Born Sloppy – 2003 – Channel 4
The RDA – 4 Eps – 2001
The Stand Up Show - BBC 1999/2000/2001
The Weakest Link - 2001 – BBC
Comedy Lab: Pornorama – Channel 4 – 1999
Hidden Camera – 1998 - BBC
Alexei Sayle’s Merry Go Round - 1998 – BBC
MADtv - 2 Eps – 1997/98
Phil Kay Feels - 1997 – Channel 4
The Stand Up Show – 1996 – BBC
Jeff Green Live - 1996 – LWT
Edinburgh Nights – 1996 - BBC
The Comedy Store – Series 3 – Channel 5
Imposter – Pilot – RDF Media
Jesus Green – Pilot – Absolutely Productions
Haywire – BBC
Class of ’99 – LWT
Live at Jongleurs – Series 3 – UK Gold
Jerry Sadowitz Versus The Edinburgh Fringe – LWT
Somewhere Beneath It All, A Small Fire Burns Still – Gilded Balloon - 2011
School for Scandel – Comedians Theatre Company 2009
Sam Shepard’s Simpatico - Old Red Lion - 2009
Talk Radio – Udderbelly – 2006
True West – Assembly Rooms
Slovenian Play Readings – SoHo Theatre
The Odd Couple – Assembly Hall
The Zoo Story - Guilded Balloon
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – Assembly
Rooms/Gielgud Theatre
12 Angry Men – Assembly Rooms/Australia/New Zealand
Taboo – The Venue
The Tempest – Totonto Free Theatre/Centre Stage
Faces of War – Sudbuy Theatre Centre
Not As Hard As It Seems - Theatre-On-The-Move
Mabel: Two nights…- Gina Lori Riley Dance
Enterprises (American Tour)
The Country Wife – Performing Arts Centre
A Midsummer Nights Dream – Performing Arts Centre
Confetti – 2006- Debbi Lsitt
Height: 5‟7
Weight: 160lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Casting Age: 36-45
Skills: Bass guitar, guitar, dance.
Astra, Actra, Equity (Canada)
Spotlight 4501

“It‟s non-stop entertainment... wide-eyed bounding enthusiasm.” – STV 26/08/2011
“...a „simple‟ hour with Phil Nichol is a veritable comedy goldmine... riotously funny ... the audience demand more of the crazed comedy majesty that is Phil Nichol.” ***** - Fringe Guru 22/08/2011
“Phil Nichol is such a versatile performer it just isn‟t fair to the rest of us mortals... Again this year he has reverted to doing simply an hour‟s worth of stuff with no complex characters, just being himself, the crazy, wacky, funny hyperactive comedy genius and musician that only he can do at once.” ***** - One4Review 19/08/2011
“Simple it maybe in name, but it is expertly delivered and perfectly timed... The Simple Hour is very funny hour of madness, mayhem and magic, as only Nichol has mastered.” **** - Chortle 17/08/2011
“If EVER there were an irresistible comedy force, it is Phil Nichol. This year there was no Bobby Spade, no band, no nudity. Instead there is feelgood factor, funny songs, flirting, jokes and generalised silliness from a comic whose show has
enough energy to run an entire tram system, were there such a thing around. I can imagine Nichol coming up with some new kind of wonderful every night. You would have to be not just miserable but insensible not to be infected with Nichol's
funnybug. It is like spending an hour in a comedy jacuzzi." Kate Copstick. The Scotsman **** 16/8/11

“Former Perrier award winner Phil Nichol may have labelled this The Simple Hour, but there‟s nothing simple about delivering a set with enough energy to light up the New Town on a damp Edinburgh evening... ingenious.” **** - Fest 13/08/2011
 “...vibrant and purposeful... penetrating and exuberant” **** – Simon Fielding - The Skinny 13/08/2011
“To answer the great philosophical question - if Phil Nichol fell in the forest and no-one was watching, it undoubtedly would make a sound. And that sound would be bloody funny.” – Kate Copstick - The Scotsman 06/08/2011
"There are too many reasons to go and see this almost infinitely talented comic to list here. This year he is bringing a "Simple Hour" of jokes and funny songs. Which is a little like Heston Blumenthal offering to rustle you up a sandwich."
 - 24/06/2011 - Kate Copstick for The Scotsman "20 Comedians To Catch At The Edinburgh Festival"
“You won‟t see many comedy shows that actually exert g-force. But if you‟re a passion junkie like me, there is no better place to get your fix than from Phil Nichol…exhilarating, incredibly funny and clever”  The Scotsman
“A genius of a show”  The Herald
“Delightfully shocking and hilarious at the same time” Hairline
“You could power a small market town from this performance. Add to that storytelling nous, stagecraft surprises and a brazen disregard for personal dignity and you‟ve got a shameless shaggy dog story to warm the cockles of the heart”  The Times
“Utterly engaging, heartfelt and often hilarious hour”  Metro
“Nichol‟s thermonuclear stage presence is so intense as to elude description. Give him any room and any crowd and he‟ll win them over…He‟s just outstandingly good at what he does”  The List
“Infectious joy” Scotland on Sunday
“Occassionally offensive, always foul-mouthed and above all funny” Edinburgh Evening News. “A great stand-up show: themed, engaging, expertly performed and most of all funny…an hour of engaging, high-octane comedy storytelling
guaranteed to entertain”  Chortle
“Unflappable, luminous talent” The List
“In the most wonderful possible way, this must be how the inhabitants of Java felt when Krakatoa erupted” Edinburgh Guide
“Attacks his material with all the restraint of a Tasmanian Devil in a foghorn factory” The Times
“Nichols comedy and music is outstandingly powerful and funny” The Stage
“Genius” The Herald
“Nichol is the sexiest, funniest dichotomy on a stage today – vulnerable but kicks ass, smart but dumb, a lovely guy who does appalling things” Edinburgh Guide.
“You could have children with someone and not
feel as close to them as you do to this guy in
one of his shows” The Scotsman
“Charming, witty and alarmingly unhinged” Skinny
“The king of funny guys” Daily Record
“Unfailingly impressive” The Guardian
“seismically powerful award-winning comic force” The Scotsman
Theatre Press
Press for Simpatico

“Phil Nichol is superb” The Stage
“the unkempt, tramp-like Vinnie, grittily portrayed by actor-comedian Phil Nichol, in the depths of despair. He has the best accent and by his playing, brings a sympathy to a whining drunkard who deserves little, if any.” The British Theatre Guide
“Phil Nichol and Gabriel Butler-Lewis as the sparring, forever joined Vinnie and Carter perform well” The Guardian
“Nichol emphasizes the bestial instinct beneath his human cunning…quirkily enjoyable” The Times.
  Press for True West

“beautifully acted by Phil Nichol, his performance is intensely exhausting”  The List

“Nichol gives a lovely, gentle, multi-faceted performance…absolutely electric”  The Scotsman
“True West is incredibly well acted by Stage Best Actor 2005 Phil Nichol… one word – captivating” Three Weeks
“I am continually delighted by the wealth of characters pouring out of Phil Nichol”  One4Review
“A gold nugget among the rubble…don‟t miss this” The Guardian.
Press for Talk Radio
“A revelation…very enjoyable”  Sunday Express
“Compelling”  Metro
“Brilliant”  The Herald
“Nichol at his brashest, horribly entertaining” The Times
“Thoroughly compelling”  Financial Times

“Powerful” Chortle
“A towering performance” Evening Post
“A breathlessly impressive performance” Scotland
on Sunday
“The performance of a lifetime” The List