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Frankie Doodle

'Manchester's comedy circuit has few completely off-the-wall acts, and they don't come much more off-the-wall than comedy magician Frankie Doodle. Frankie, is a visual comic who takes to the stage with a suitcase full of visual aids and home-made props. As he removes each one out of the case, whatever you expect him to do with it he's as likely to do the complete opposite. ' - Mike Barnett - (Manchester Evening News)

The zany comedian Frankie Doodle is one of those rare talents with a rare act who can combine performances on both the alternative and Mainstream circuits, having appeared with comedians including Peter Kay, Tim Vine, Jimmy Cricket, Shane Ritchie and Ken Dodd to name a few.

His wacky style and visual comedy talents have enabled him to appear on a wide variety of different shows from comedy clubs to light entertainment. Whether Frankie's producing a life-size passport photograph to attempting Karate and the art of ventriloquism, he'll have the audience laughing away at this rather unusual nonsense filled act.

'Frankie Doodle takes to the stage like a nervous relative and comes out of his shell like a firework. I've never seen an audience not like him, I only wish I had some of his props'.

'Frankie's comedy is great, he has taken comedy and juggled with it using the other two balls of friendliness and props'! - TIM VINE (The ITV Sketch Show)

'This young comic promises a great deal.' - MARK RITCHIE (The stage)