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There is something of the incorrigible pirate about Bentley. His stage presence, his voice, his looks and his outrageous way of dispelling rural myths all combine to produce a very funny, rustically risqué and rurally right on comedian.

For his material he draws on his West Country roots and his vast experience of life as a Navigating Officer in the Merchant Navy (which he still does)

He's not for the faint hearted although he can tailor his material to suit most open minded audiences. He has the crowd singing along to outlandish parodies of country and western classics and re-living great rock moments.

On stage he has a huge presence and is unfazed by any crowd, large or small, hostile or friendly and has established himself as a top quality act who can open, close, or compere with consummate skill.

People always remember him

What the Papers say:-

“The drinking woman’s Jethro” (Bournemouth Echo)

“Incorrigible and irrepressible” (Bridport News)

“To raunchy for the village hall” (Powerstock Parish Magazine)

"Frightening, fearless and f***ing funny" (Run to the Sun Festival brochure)

“Powerful stage presence backed up with hilariously original material.” (Western Gazette)

"You get the distinct and worrying impression that he's actually done the things he talks about" "Cornish Guardian"