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Sean Turner

comic style. Think if Vic and Bob had a love child with Rik Mayall who and he was then brought up by Geordies and grow up very dry.

I'm based in the North East.
Drive: yes,
I take bookings to perform 20 or 30 minute sets opening or closing and 10 and 15 minutes’ sets middles for as well MC your comedy night.

stand up work 

Weekends for The Stand comedy club,
Previous paid Middles for clubs such as  for Big Owl Comedy Hexham.  . Gavin websters Northern Assembly Newcastle. fat penguin birmingham, Broken mic, Jocks and Geordies Edinburgh,  Rib Ticklers, The laughter laugh Doncaster.   Silly Billies Newcastle. The chuckling monk northeast. Rush of laughter, Hilarity Bites., Funny Bones Durham, Freshly Ground Comedy, Grinning Idiot Newcastle. Spiky Mikes Fun House,  Mr shindigs Newcastle.   Rob Rileys i want a comedy night.  Laughter Hollics. steffen Peddie's Chat show. fun house comedy. Pug comedy Middlesbough. Finals of the not so new comedian competition 2019 

Mced gigs Laughter Hollics south shields The chuckling monk northeast. the stand comedy club spotlight. broken mic, long live newcastle,  Sunderland Comedy Festival at the  Marriot Hotel, Seaburn. comedy heroes, broke mic hartlepool,  The Laughter Surgery Newcastle,

Hour shows at Jesterval Comedy Festival. The Laughter Surgery Newcastle. Alphabeti Theatre, Edinburgh festival york festival, Leicester festival, performing a hour show on the 13th of June 2017 at the stand comedy club.

Headlined and opened  Hull comedy club, silly billies,  The Laughter Surgery Newcastle,

Gigs I've ran as a performer and promoter,  comedy heroes, long live comedy, freshly ground comedy  

Other history

Guest at Seymour maces Questenable time with Micheal Redmand.
Competitions Loaded magazines/ Jounglers search for a star finalist. Kill for a seat northern  semi finalist 

BBC radio Newcastle comedy 2016.

Reviews and Quotes

Steve Bennett CHORTLE 2019 Leicester Comedian Of The Year Finalist 2019
Sean Turner, a dry, surreal bloke from the North East, all of which invite comparisons with Gavin Webster. Some of his one-liners are delightfully absurd, and very funny.
He’s got funny instincts


Sean Turner at times was absurdist and surreal, he was just as good as American legend Steven Wright. The moment when he diffused his difficult jokes by singing a song in a club-land style was Reeves and Mortimer at their finest. It was thoroughly entertaining.

He is a different kind of act all together. Completely unpredictable and unbelievably funny,

Sean Turner, with his enthusiasm for audience participation and cheeky twists was a highlight - Narc magazine review of silly billies 

David Hadingham comedian and Northeast Jesterval comedy festival promoter
I couldn’t believe how much I laughed, honestly, I couldn't believe it!

Rob Riley from

I can't think of on occasion ever when the open spot got an encore though but Sean Turner did. Will be keeping a close eye on this guy.

Giggle beats, Developments in comedy tend to come from the outsiders rather than the mainstream. Sean is as out there as anyone out there. Keep an eye on him.

Jack Gardner, Silly Billies Comedy club Newcastle.

Sean Turner is incredibly original whilst also being a part of that rich Geordie tradition of otherworldly surrealism. He has an imagination the size of Jupiter and the warmth of a cuddle from a Hairy Biker, which combined makes him one of the most underrated and finest stand-ups around. Sean Turner is the real deal make no mistake!

Simon Donald/ off the viz

Sean pushes boundaries, he's not easy to pigeonhole. You don't know what you're going to get. That's how it should be. He's a proper alternative comedian should be.

fat penguin comedy club Birmingham
He’s absolutely great. Like if Vic and Bob had a baby and abandoned it at the circus to be raised by clowns....
Edinburgh Festival shows

Comedy with a Colourblind Dyslexic Geordie who also has other aliments 2017
Comedy with a Colourblind Dyslexic Geordie who also has an underactive Thyroid 2016
Comedy with a Colourblind dyslexic Geordie 2015
Comedy with a Dyslexic Geordie 2014

Theatre Edinburgh shows theatre shows
Making Life Taste Funnier.2012 
Making Life Taste Funny 2011 

Acting Showreel
How to talk Geordie, over 400,000 veiws

Bee infestation 

TV and film radio

Apperared on bbc TV 2017
Appeared on BBC radio Newcastle 2016

Vera 2015 Muddy Waters
Vera 2016 post production
Beowulf 2016 post production
Doontoon Abby.  broadcast on boxing day 2015 on made in Tyne and Wear TV
Wolfbold Cbbc 2016
Mirrorvale, TV pilot  DVD release
played Cayden, by Canny pictures  2013
Algernon Pictures 
Boolean Operators’ by
Dan Horn  Des, a librarian Film and TV Algernon Pictures  
2006 A Muppets Tale’ by Michael McNally star of ITVs McNally report
played Leading character, Barry Treadaway. A drama tracking the journey of a young man through the judicial and penal system Film and TV