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FAQ for comedians: How to write a comedy biography


Comedians who have experience and are used for corporate functions or private parties

Adam Ethan Crow
AJ James
Alan Anderson
Alfie Joey

Alice B
Anil Desai
Asad Mecci - Master Hypnotist
Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper
Billy Bedlam
Bob Doolally
Boothby Graffoe
Chambers and Nettleton
Channel 53
Charmian Hughes
Chris McCausland
Chris McGlade
Craig Charles
Danny Bhoy
Danny Buckler
Danny James
Dara O'Briain
Dickie Boy
Dominic Holland

Doug Segal
Fluffy Brothers
Frank Skinner

Gareth Berliner
Gema Enseñat
Geoff Boyz
Geoff Whiting
George Egg
Gina Yashere
Graham Norton
Harry Denford
Harvey Oliver
Hattie Hayridge
Helen Kane is Marilyn

Herbie Adams
Ian Hawkins
Inder Mancoha
Jeff Innocent
Jeff Mirza
Jennie Robin
Jeremy O’Donnell
Jimmy Carr
John Hegley
Johnnie Casson
Joseph Wilson
Keith Fields
Kev F
Lea Roberts
Lenny Beige

Liane Ross

Mandy Muden
Marcus Powell
Martin Beaumont
Martin Coyote
Martin Gold
Matt Dyktynski
Men In Coats
Mickey D
Micky Flanagan
Nina Conti
Nick Wilty
Omid Djalili
Pam Ann
Paul Zenon

President Obonjo
Rachel Wheeley
Rhona Cameron
Ricky Grover
Rudi Lickwood

Sajeela Kershi
Sean Meo
Shappi Khorsandi
Simon Fox

Stephen Grant
Steve Best
Steve Jameson
Steve Rawlings
Tim Clark
Tina C
Tom O'Connor
Valentine Flyguy

William Caulfield
Woody Bop Muddy

Tips on booking a Corporate comedian

Being able to entertain a crowd at a private function is a difficult task and requires a comedian with experience of such events - this is why comedians charge extra for them.

Corporate events cover a wide range of functions, from after dinner speaking to private parties . Basically you want one comedian to entertain a crowd of people for 30 minutes.

On these occasions audiences can be difficult to entertain for a number of reasons. The audience are most likely to be there for reasons other than to see a comedian, for example a wedding; the audience will cover a wide spectrum of age groups and tastes - you will definitely do NOT want a comedian who will offend any particular group. The comedian will need to keep the gags short-and-snappy so that they don't lose the audiences attention.

Booking the wrong type of comedian is easily done and will result in an embarrassing disaster - this is why you have to pay extra to get a corporate comedian.

When booking a comedian for ANY event, please bear in mind the following details

Where is the event?
Professional comedians will happily travel up to 100 miles to get to a venue, sometimes more. The vast majority of comedians live in London, since this is where most of the work is, with a second pool based in Manchester/North West.

You also need to think about the layout of the room. Is there a stage? - if not will the audience be able to see the comedians. At the Cheeky Monkey comedy club that I run I don't use a stage since the room layout means it is unnecessary. ALSO, does the comedian need to bring a microphone and PA. Most comedians do NOT have this equipment, so you need to specify if it is required.

Finally you need to inform the comedian how many people will be in the audience. Again, the larger the audience, the more difficult it is to entertain, hence the higher the cost of the comedian.

How much?
As mentioned already, comedians for corporate gigs or private parties cost more than they would for playing a club like mine But you also need to think about the night of the week that the event is on. Comedians charge a lot more for gigs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, since this is when most comedy clubs are open. Getting comedians on other nights is slightly less expensive.

Also, if you have limited budget it is always worth saying this at the start. It means that you won't get Peter Kay, BUT there will be up-and-coming comedians who perform at competitive rates to get the experience.

Who are you and how do they contact you?
Comedians or agents like to talk to you, so that they can get a feel of the event. So always provide telephone contact details. Also, let them know if you represent a company or yourself.