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Darren Ruddell

“You will never have seen anything like this on a comedy stage before.”

Steve Bennett - Chortle

(Darren Ruddell would just like to make it clear, that the following statement was not written by him, but by someone who really likes his work. Which is better than getting someone who doesn’t like it to write it.

However, he still feels that if you were to think he had written it, he would look a prat

Audiences have long seen stand-up an interactive medium where engagement is crucial to depth of laughter, however few comics have managed to manipulate this past  "how you guys doing?".

Darren Ruddell is not one of these comics. Circuiting as "Kev" the plasterer sent to perform Darren's set via headphones and a pre-recorded tape, Ruddell has introduced a truly original format which is causing a stir on the UK comedy scene. Winner of Laughing Horse's best new act 2008 after only 6 months into his career, Darren is a comic with a kinetic force and humour with wide appeal. Making his debut at the Edinburgh Festival this year, writing is at the core of Darren's stage act. He has been commissioned by Warner Vision to write and produce sketches for the Comedybox website, as well as develop sketches for Funny or Die through Hat Trick Productions, and a sitcom based on his stage character ‘Kev’ with Babycow productions.

Currently residing in London, Darren Ruddell is proving to be in a league of his own, a purist focusing on comedy that is mind opening and speaks the language of "now". Audiences can expect to see his persona taking on new forms, names and characters which lay foundations for a new era of comedy.

(He hopes you don’t think he’s a prat)


Comedy Store (Gong show finalist)
Comedy Cafe new act winner
Up the Creek Greenwich (Sunday)
Spank (Edinburgh/London)
Happy Monday’s Amersham Arms
Ed Comedy
Knock 2 Bag
Roar with Laughter
BBC Live night
Comedybox Live night
Fat Tuesdays
Komedia Brighton
Collusion Brighton
Cheeky Devil Sanctuary cafe Brighton
Mirth Control (Bath, Cambridge, West Hampstead, Bournemouth, Fleet, Luton, Windsor)
Camden Crawl festival
99 club (Leicester square twice. Islington twice)
Shoreditch House
Laughing Horse (Earls Court, Camden, Wimbledon, Richmond, Brixton, Espionage, Meadow Bar, Meridian Bar)
And many more...