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Damien St John

"Great material" David Schaal, The Inbetweeners

"I really liked your stuff" Joe Lycett, Comedian

"A brilliant MC... Well done" Several audience members

“Great on stage, very confident” – Gareth Berliner, Comedian

Damien St John is a new face on the comedy circuit, having taken to stand up in 2011 after more than a decade behind the mic at some of Britain's biggest radio stations.

Armed with material plucked straight from his personal life, he's entertained audiences for a number of independent promoters during his first year, including Mirth Control, Laughing Horse, HaHa Comedy Clubs, Shaggers and Nottingham Comedy Festival Entertainment.

Looking comfortable and relaxed, Damien takes to the stage with a twinkle in his eye and a plan to unleash his own brand of mischief on the audience. Damien is also growing in confidence as an MC and can be found regularly introducing acts and asking bizarre questions to audiences at Why The Long Face?, a night he co-promotes in Lambeth.

As a comedy writer, Damien scripts daily, topical one-liners for a number of radio stations across the UK and Europe through a Sony award-winning prep service. He also writes some of the world-famous Jack FM liners.

Damien presents a weekly topical, panel-based show on BBC local radio and continues to pop up here and there on various commercial stations.

Amused Moose LaughOff 2012 QUARTER-FINALIST
Laughing Horse New Act Competition QUARTER-FINALIST 2012
Nottingham Comedy Festival "Brand New to Comedy" FINALIST 2011
Magner's Funhouse Comedy Gong Show (Glee Club) FINALIST 2011

Resident MC and Compere - Why The Long Face? Lambeth North

BBC Radio Leicester
Heart Thames Valley
Heart 106.2
Leicester Sound
Red Dragon FM
Island FM
Reading 107
Mercia, Wyvern & Beacon
The Breeze

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