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Clarke and Lee

Peter Clarke Lancashire stand up comic/writer/multi instrumentalist and Dave Lee cabaret comedy vocalist/compere have joined forces to form the comedy duo Clarke & Lee.

Both entertainers have many years of experience on the club and cabaret circuit working as solo acts.

Pete Clarke is a out and out old style gag and story teller,he tells tales about his little Lancashire village and its characters, also stories about farming and Brass Bands having played with several.

Dave Lee is a great vocalist who likes to involve the audience and works mostly off the stage mixing with and having fun with the crowd.His comedy costume changes and warm personality create a great atmosphere at any venue.

The duo find it easy to work with each other and can ad lib,they never F--k and blind but the comedy material is for an adult audience.

Pete's writing skills are well known and his scripts and sketches have been used by numerous well known comics over the years.His latest project is a TV comedy he and Bobby Ball penned last year.They are hoping it will be filmed later this year by ITV.Pete will be playing his old farmer character along with Bobby and Tommy,the great Yorkshire comic/song writer/ musician Steve Womack will also play a leading character.