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Richard Coughlan

In 2007 Richard performed his 1st hour long one man show and recieved the following 4 star review

The Honky-Hating Heterophobic Manwhore
Laughing Horse @ Linsay's
The lord of filth, Richard Coughlan, is on a mission; it's political correctness gone mad! The clue is in the title, so keep your children and grannies away from this madness. This sexist atheist will offend anyone and everyone as he shares his opinion on such topics as The Bible, Jesus, Muslims, race, terrorism and women. His vibrant charisma entices every single soul in the audience as snort-out-loud laughter echoes throughout the venue. The creative marvel that he is, Coughlan doesn't shy away from speaking his lively and twisted, yet logical mind. The fainthearted have hereby been warned; you will be shocked deep down to your very core. What we get is an utterly side-splitting comedy genius; damn right, fantastic!
Laughing Horse @ Linsay's, 5 - 27 Aug (not 15, 16), 5:30pm (6:30pm), free ticketed, fpp
4/5 ****

He also performed a one-off charity gig in which he freestyle rapped for over 9 hours and beat the current world record of 8 hours and 45 minutes. He was given the following 5 star review

Can You Get A World Record In Rap With Richard Coughlan?
Laughing Horse Free Festival
I'm not big on science, but I kind of get what Einstein was going on about with relativity. Time for example; an hour can seem like a minute when you're in a maths exam and it can work the other way too. The nine hours and forty four seconds that Richard Coughlan was rapping (to break the world record for longest rap) seemed like a lot longer to me and all I was doing was watching - for the man himself it must have seemed like an eternity. Coughlin performed this charity rap marathon without taking any of the breaks he was allowed, which was a brave (and slightly crazy) move. Audience suggestions and some guests, including Phil Nichol and Pat Monahan, helped Coughlin along, but it was his sheer determination and vocal dexterity that got him through those long, long hours. And us too. Brilliant.
Laughing Horse @ Linsay's, 15 Aug, 1:30pm (11:00pm), Free non-ticketed, fpp 36. tw rating 5/5 *****