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Cortney Gee

Many claim they can deliver , but few take it to the stage quite like one of America’s fastest rising comedic stars. From New York to Los Angeles and points in between Cortney Gee’s name has shared billing with modern humor luminaries such as Steve Harvey , Mark Curry, DL Hughley and Jamie Foxx. While sharing the spotlight with some of today’s hottest stars he has amused audiences with his unique blend of smooth delivery, unforgettable stage presence and uncanny timing.

Cortney gives a bird’s eye view into his life while he pokes fun at realistic family and young adult situations. While watching his performance the crowd is treated to the luxury of laughing along with him at his misfortunes while realizing that if they’ve gone through the same thing, and it’s ok.This talent for making light of life was apparent in the 1991 Funnybone / Atlanta Laff- Off in which he had the audience howling over material concerning the pre shopping pep talk he and his sister recieved each time they went to the mall, the embarrasment of being punished in front of his history class, and the amusing tale of how he and his mom enjoyed a Teddy Pendergrass concert. Performances such as this one along with alot of determination and persistance has garnered much attention for the thirty something year old. Cortney has not only caught the eye of the of the club goers but also the attention of television talent coordinators , he has become one of the more recognized young african american comics while making appearances on BET’s Comicview as well as HBO’s Def Comedy Jam. Not only has his talents as a stand up drawn praise but also his ability to write funny things for others,in the summer of 97’ Cortney not only wrote for the BET sitcom Blackberry Inn but also The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show . Never the one to be satisfied he is now tackling a new career ... ACTING . He recently made his acting debut on the WB #1 rated show , The Jamie Foxx Show playing a inept security guard with a penchant for cutting the rug .Currently he has been traveling throught the country touring concert venues , colleges, clubs,and abroad as a USO headlining entertainer.When not on the road the astute performer studies acting in Los Angeles with Bobbi Chance ,of Expression Unlimited, in hopes of securing roles in television and film.

Cortney Gee ,” A class act in a generation where class unfortunately is a rare quality” gives both “ New School” comedy lovers and those trained fans from the legendary” Old School” something to agree on. True class crosses all lines , age, racew gender and taste . Cortney demonstrates this attitude everytime he graces the stage. Keep your eyes on this one.