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Dave Parton

Now approaching fifty, having outgrown the tight jeans and lost the floppy hair of today's hot starlets, Dave whores himself around the country to supplement his pension. Since passing a kidney stone during his Comedy Store debut, Dave's well crafted, gag filled stories, win him fans wherever he goes.

Dave returned to stand up with three hour's notice in January 2015, and quickly garnered a reputation as a solid, audience friendly act and MC. Based in Cardiff, he has opened for Noel James, Mirth Control, Kevin Dewesbury, Cotswold Comedy and Comedy Avengers.

Dave has appeared on ITV Wales' Why Did The Chicken?  and Fresh  as a comic, before turning up in everything from The Boat That Rocked to a full frontal nude appearance in BBC2's How Not to Live Your Life.  He wore pyjamas in Holby CIty.

"an enviable collection of one liners" -Toby Foster,  Grin Reaper