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Michael Holford

Michael bounds onto stage with an enthusiasm that is infectious and immediately welcomes the audience in. His act is a lovely mix of his childhood, the characters he has met along the way and stories of married life that people find extremely relatable. The amount of knowing looks and nods in the crowd always backs this up. There’s a delightful tone to Holford’s work that treads very carefully through his family tales that always shows a love and affection towards those he jokes about. There’s also a wide range of tales to keep all tastes happy. While his married material does appeal to the couples in attendance he embraces a wide demographic with his gags that leaves no-one feeling left out. He’s a storyteller however there are still plenty of punch lines throughout. Holford has the ability to make crowds of any age roar with laughter and send them away appreciating what good live comedy can do.
Has supported Tom Stade,Gary Delaney,Carl Hutchinson,Kia Humphries,Mike Milligan and many more from the Lindisfarne Festival to Punch Drunk venues the Stand Hilarity Bites venues and many more

‘Eeeee yeee should be on the telly ya wa brill’  wifey behind the bar (Ashington cricket club)