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FAQ for comedians: How to write a comedy biography


Festival comedians

Alan Parker, Urban Warrior
Al Pitcher
Andrew Lawrence
Andrew Maxwell
Andrew O'Neill
Andy Parsons

Angie Belcher
Anil Desai
Anvil Springstien
Arthur Smith
Barbara Nice
Bastard Son of Tommy Cooper
Bill Bailey
The Boosh
Boothby Graffoe
Brendon Burns
Chambers and Nettleton
Charlie Chuck

Charmian Hughes
Chris Addison
Chris Lynam
Christian Reilly
Christian Steel
Craig Campbell
Dan Antopolski
Dan Atkinson
Daniel Kitson
Danny Bhoy
Danny Buckler
Dave Gorman
Dave Thompson
Dominic Frisby
Dominic Holland
Duncan Oakley
Earl Okin
Electric Forecast
Flight of the Conchords
4 Poofs And A Piano
Frankie Boyle
Gareth Berliner

Gary Colman
Geoff Whiting
George Egg
Gina Yashere
Ginger and Black
Glenn Wool
Greg Davies
Harry Hill
Hattie Hayridge
Henning Wehn
Hils Barker
Ian Hawkins
Inder Manocha
Ivan Brackenbury
Jade the Folk Singer
Jarred Christmas
Jason John Whitehead
Jason Rouse
Jen Brister
Jerry Sadowitz
Jeremy O'Donnell
Jim Jeffries
Jim Tavare
Jo Brand
Jo Enright
John Cooper Clarke
John Gordillo
Johnny Vegas
John Ryan

Joseph Wilson
Katy Schutte
Kev F
Lee Evans
Lee Mack
Louise Stokes as Kimmy Sue Anne
Maff Brown
Mandy Knight
Nick Doody

Marcel Lucont
Mark Olver
Mark Thomas
Markus Birdman
Mark Watson
Martin Bigpig

Matt Roper
Mel and Sue
Men In Coats
Mickey D
Mike Manera
Mike Wilmot
Milton Jones
Mitch Benn
Natalie Haynes
Nick Doody
Nick Page
Nick Revell
Nick Wilty
Nina Conti
Ninia Benjamin
Noble and Silver
Noel Britten
Norman Lovett
Omid Djalili

Owen O'Neill
Paco Erhard
Paddy Lennox
Patrick Monahan
Paul B Edwards
Paul Foot
Paul Sinha
Paul Tonkinson
Peter Buckley Hill
Pierre Hollins
Pippa Evans
Rainer Hersch
Reeves and Mortimer
Rex Boyd
Reverend O'Badiah Steppenwolf III
Rhod Gilbert
Richard Herring
Rich Hall
Ricky Grover
Rob and Skatz
Rob Deering
Robin Ince
Rob Newman
Rob Rouse
Rod Laver
Ronnie Golden
Rufus Hound
Russell Brand
Russell Howard

Scary Dave
Scott Capurro
Sean Hughes
Sean Lock
Simon Day
Simon Pegg
Sol Bernstein
Stan Stanley
Stefano Paolini
Steve Best
Steve Bowditch
Steve Gribbin
Steve Rawlings
Steve Williams
Stuart Goldsmith
Tim Clark
Tim Vine
Tom Price
Tom Wrigglesworth
Tony Law
Trevor Lock
Vladimir McTavish
We Are Klang
Wil Hodgson
Will Smith
Woody Bop Muddy