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Kirk and Messingham

Alexander Kirk and Simon Messingham started life at opposite ends of the country. They met at university, became firm friends and finally began writing together in 1996. Inspired by such diverse sources as the films of Alexander MacKendrick, and great British television from The Likely Lads to Nuts In May, they determined to write and perform original narrative comedy.

They subsequently performed live in such venues as the Young Vic Studio, the Etcetera Theatre, the Hen and Chickens and the Canal Café Theatre leading on to BBC2's Comedy Nation in 1998.

In 1999, their first out and out comedy sketch show `Seaside Special` ran at the Hen and Chickens and immediately Kirk & Messingham were picked up by Channel X to write their in-house sitcom The Dave Saint Show.

This was broadcast on UK Play March 2000, directed by Mark Mylod and starring John Thomson as Dave Saint. Kirk & Messingham appeared in supporting roles.

From this, Kirk & Messingham were commissioned by the BBC/Channel X to write their own original series Tales of Uplift and Moral Improvement. This was broadcast on BBC Choice in May 2001, directed by Bob Baldwin and starring Rik Mayall as Mrs Ffine-Carmody; again with Kirk & Messingham in supporting roles.

They were part of the Brainstorming group for BBC's new animation Popetown and have just signed a contract for a new format idea.

The most recent news is that following a commission to write a treatment for their feature GOTH HOLIDAY Kirk & Messingham, are now through to the script stage and are working with a Film Council appointed script editor.

Between them, Kirk and Messingham have published novels, short stories and poetry.