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Neil Dixon

Neil started his stage carreer at the age of six when he ran off stage in tears when the end of his recorder fell off just as he was miming to a sea shanty while dressed as a camp sailor.

This didn't dull his enthusiasm and at nine he managed his second stage appearance delivering the 5th Swansea Valley Cub Scouts review of the year - during which he received a slight chuckle and a sympathetic "let's clap for the fat kid" applause.

That magical chuckle fed an enthusiasm to perform leading to his third stage experience and life changing, "why the fuck are you lot not laughing" standup spot at 38.

Now, Neil has evolved to become another open mike circuit comic who is slightly less shit than he was a little while ago.

• Co-writer/performer 'no way harpik' sketch team (2002).
• Director & co-writer/performer 'Casual Sketch' team (2003).
• 60% 0f 'Mike & Neil - the Bracknell Brothers' improvised comedy (2003-2004).
• The very Welsh and hairsuite 'DI Hassle' in the comedy short movie 'Face Ache' to be released in Spring 2004.


"So how do you think that went?" & "Don't take it too personally" Matt Blaize following my worst gig ever at GSOH, Cranleigh.

"Oh really? What are you doing, like... what sort of stuff?" Ross Noble after being ambushed and told he was my inspiration for trying standup - perhaps he thought I was stealing his stuff.

"If you can't do the gig in Exeter, that's fine, but my advice is you do it" Geoff Whiting giving me a proper, well meant and well deserved dressing down for not wanting to drive 300 miles.

"You might want to try learning how to be a comedian first" Rob Heeney.

"Can you drive to Birmingham and can you pick up a dwarf on the way..." Getting a gig, because I have a car.