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Henry Ginsberg

Henry Ginsberg started performing comedy in 2005. Since then he has dazzled audiences and fellow comics alike with his power of performance and offbeat material, combining slick observational and anecdotal routines with unique and provocative thematic concerns. Subjects range from childhood, self image and religion to existential angst, sexual misconduct and social phobia. Not to be missed.

WINNER Reading fistival new act of the year 2010
FINALIST FHM Stand up Hero 2010
FINALIST Leicester Square new comedian of the year 2010
WINNER Comedy Cafe new act competition August 2007
WINNER Comedy Cafe new act competition November 2006
8 TIMES Finalist at the Comedy Store Gong show
Fab Cat (sitcom pilot)(2007)
FHM Stand Up Hero (2010)
"Henry Ginsberg, who was last week in the televised final of the FHM Stand-Up Hero competition, cuts a more unusual figure, and successfully mines his outsider status for a delightfully offbeat set, hinting at emotional bleakness -– but in a fun way. Even such nouveau hack subjects as rape and paedophilia are approached from a fresh angle, niftily playing on his inner demons rather than going for straightforward shock value. More please."
"I wanted to see a lot more of him. Getting into the head of someone who is utterly destroyed inside their own head is always very entertaining." - Shappi Korshandi
"Henry Ginsberg was just phenominal. You wanted to listen to him, you wanted to hang out with him. Very funny." - Ben Wilson - FHM
"The warmest act of the night was Henry Ginsberg. It was by far the most intimate performance. He gave more of himself than all of the other acts combined." - Andrew Maxwell
"Solid lines. One after the other. Some making me howl." - Adam Bloom
"He's a great writer" - Ed Byrne
"Henry Ginsberg's self deprecating humour had us laughing from the off. Not bad for someone who's been likened to "the fat guy from Lost"" - Three Weeks
"Like a real-life version of The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy but much funnier" - London Lite
"Terrific set" - Ben Elton
"The hardest working man in show business" - Andi Osho