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Marcus Keeley

Marcus Keeley was born in 1989 and the hilarity hasn’t stopped since. Or started. He is a stand-up, writer, poet, film-maker and general dissenter. He started all this in late 2007 in an attempt to distract himself from the impending doom and banality of his choices in life. That and getting a job. It hasn’t worked.

His material focuses on his poor decisions, the futile disgust resulting from it, the horrible feeling of suspected mass peer-alienation, having a total-life crisis at 20 and the supposed catharsis gained from saying it all to a room of strangers. It hasn’t worked, but he’s still gigging.

Whilst fucking his life up in England, he has played to many venues in the eastern English circuit, including Norwich Arts Centre. He continues to do that in his native Belfast, playing Lavery’s, The Pavilion Bar, McHugh’s and runs/MC’s Voicebox Comedy. He sometimes bokes in his sleep.
"Mr Marcus Keeley opened the proceedings with his trademark “old beyond his years” brand of disaffected ryness providing a unique platform for one of the wittiest sets on the local circuit." - Comedy Basement, Belfast

"Marcus Keeley, an angry Irish guy, did some brilliant poems about hating people, including one about couples sitting next to him on planes, being forced to "eat porridge made with tears of anguish". He is recklessly cynical and disgusted with humans, dry and bitter as an empty pint glass, letting us indulge in his fantasies of satisfyingly unusual violence" -  UEA Concrete, Issue 220

"Marcus Keeley, a young deadpan Irishman shone with his bitter smoker jokes" - UEA Concrete, Issue 219

"- Marcus Keeley A new UEA student from Northern Ireland thats often found slightly inebriated hogging the mic at the Creative Writing Society meetings. A very talented, intellectual and witty man. Charming, deviant and irrepressible with his unique mixture of comedy and poetry. He is instantly likeable and his performances are never the same twice. Marcus is a poet/comedian/performer/drunk." - Soapbox, Norwich

"The wine-fuelled Marcus Keeley stormed the stage with his slippery combination of comedy and poetry, breaking down the oft-perceived dryness of spoken word with a refreshingly relaxed tone." - Maddog Magazine, Issue 4, Nov 08