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Matt Turner

Originating from Sheffield, Matt began his comedy career in the summer of 2007 and has performed stand-up all around the the UK.  A promising new act on the circuit, Matt has received plaudits for his intelligent material and accomplished stage presence. Now established as a solid and dependable act on the circuit with a style that is sharp, upbeat, uncompromising and laden with quick-fire gags, Matt is attracting acclaim as a very capable and quick witted compere at clubs in and around the Midlands.  Outside of stand-up, Matt is an experimental podcast writer, performer and producer as one half of the comedy duo Tents in Space.


"Fabulously funny flights of fancy from a born raconteur combining cleaver-sharp one liners with weird and genuinely wonderful visual and aural tomfoolery. He could gig in an igloo and still warm the room with his amenable demeanour and inspired lunacy".  Anthony J Brown, Spotlight Comedy Club, August 2009.

"Looking like a long lost brother of Grant and Phil Mitchell but with an added charisma gene, his instantly relaxed delivery and friendly patter had the crowd in his thrall from his opening salvo.  Variety is certainly the spice of his appeal as he mixed daring one-liners, tall tales about his former days as a teacher, hilarious home-made musical interludes and the best prop gag I've seen in ages." The Worksop Guardian, May 2009.

"My admiration for Matt Turner is barely concealed. He has intelligence, menace and good stage presence. It must be only a short time before somebody spots him and takes him to the next level". Dave Dinsdale, October 2008

"I think his stuff is great. He did about 20 minutes with a lot of new material and to the untrained eye you'd never guess it was new. He's very good and keeps getting better"

Gareth Urwin (ABBCOM Promoter), June 2008

"I knew you were something special when I saw your set in Kidderminster".

Jane Hill (Laughing Horse and Funny Women Semi Finalist), March 2008


Regular guest on 'Shatners Bassoon Comedy Hour' on Sheffield Live 93.2 FM.

Crooked Smile New Act of the Year Comedy Award Winner 2009 (run by Anthony J Brown).
Last Laugh Comedy Club's "First Laugh New Act of the Year" Finalist, 2007 & 2008 (run by Toby Foster)
Beat The Frog Finalist, Frog and Bucket (Manchester), 2008.
Funhouse Comedy Club's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" Champions of Champions Final - 3rd Place, 2008 (run by Spiky Mike)