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Mike Dowling

Mike is a gifted 'mainstream' comedian.

In The Beginning - Mike at school was always the class joker taking any opportunity to make people laugh. It was his sheer enthusiasm and dedication that helped established him in his home town of Cambridge. With a notable feature in the 'Cambridge Evening News'- a periodical which had no hesitation in helping an aspiring local performer put a message across- "No joking, comic will work for free" the headline read. When Mike was starting out he wanted it to be known that he would perform for free if the opportunity to support and established comedian comes his way. The overwhelming publicity brought about by this feature attracted the attention of a local Cable television company. Mike savoured the chance to take part in a live one-to-one interview, which lead to regular appearances on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. With all the publicity Mike worked the local circuit of Clubs, Pubs, Charity Events and also various Private Functions.
Opportunities- Excited by the opportunities that lay ahead Mike entered talent completions with a couple of notable successes, one being the '2002 Naze Marine Great British Holiday Parks-Search for a Star'. After Breezing through the heat stages, Mike returned weeks later for the grand final and to his delight; he was awarded 1st Place by a panel of judges made up of entertainment professionals.

Mike performs all over the UK in all types of venues such as Golf clubs, Rotary clubs, Social clubs etc performing after dinner entertainment. Mike is able to tailor his routine to suit any audiences. Mike has worked in many theatres and has also supported Denise Nolan in South Shields.

'Having the pleasure of seeing Mike Dowling work, I believe he has a great future in show business with great delivery and warm approach. In fact I'm looking over my shoulder right now'. - BILLY PEARCE

'Mike has the audience in his palm of his hands from the word go. He's an affable and charming performer with a great sense of timing
And there's more he's spotlessly clean'- JIMMY CRICKET