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Nathan Zorchak

An act with real bite. - the Metro
 Nathan Zorchak is an American unusualist whose fast paced, quirky juggling skills and high-energy wise-cracking approach are a delight to watch and listen to. - Brighton NC magazine
If Jim Carrey ever took up magic, he’d be like Nathan Zorchak  in a suit garish enough to scare small children. - the Stage
Nathan was born in Miami, the capital of Cuba, but soon moved to Ohio. After several years of school and learning circus tricks and executing many practical jokes he returned to Florida to unleash his hyper activity and comedy stunts on the public. Since then he has appeared on television, cruise liners, comedy clubs and casinos world wide. He has spent the past 10 years based in Brighton in the UK trying to prove that there is no difference between American humor and British humour and that sarcasm is not very nice.
Nathan Zorchak has developed a flair for the ridiculous which has been successfully combined with genuine technical ability and the gift of pace.  His shows are a whirlwind of rapid fire one liners, dangerous feats and surreal observations. Hard to categorise, he’s part comic, part jester and clearly as mad as a March hare.
Be sure to catch one of his shows and pray he catches his chainsaws.