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Alex Marion

“Very intelligent and funny” David Schneider (The Day Today, Saturday Night Armistice, I’m Alan Partridge)

"Brilliant writing and a magnificent performance, Alex had the whole room laughing their asses off. Intelligent and thought provoking whilst delightfully silly, this is what comedy should look like."  Juliet Stephens, Good Ship Comedy

“Alex demonstrates great stage presence and delivers superb one liners as well as more complex routines that also hit the spot” Geoff Whiting, Mirth Control

“Trademark gusto” Vince Atta;                     “Comedy genius” Comedy at the College

Alex Marion has been delighting audiences up and down the country, and as far afield as Australia, for many years, with his winning blend of social comment, sharp one liners and intricate wordplay.

This former Hackney Empire New Act finalist has performed at The Comedy Store in Sydney as well as at a host of top UK venues, with paid bookings for the Banana Cabaret, the Comedy Cafe, Amused Moose, Ha Bloody Ha, Screaming Blue Murder and Comedy at Sohoho.

He regularly performs 20s and compering slots for a variety of promoters including Mirth Control, Last Minute Comedy, Out of Bounds, Lonestar, Oi Oi and Chatback.

His skills as a compere and host are highlighted in this excellent article by Vince Atta (from about halfway down):

In 2011 Alex was a semi-finalist in the Amused Moose Laugh Off and took his debut solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe. This praise followed for

Alex Marion’s Applied Optimism:

"Bloody brilliant!" - Suzanne Gilfillan, Executive Editor, BBC Entertainment Commissioning

"One of the finest Edinburgh previews of the season ..... brilliantly optimistic ..... a comic masterclass" - Parachute Productions (That season also included Paul Sinha, Thom Tuck, Tom Price, Markus Birdman, Matthew Crosby and Joey Page)

"Alex`s routine is intelligent and funny. Fairly seamlessly moving across his subject matter, with just the right level of audience participation. An hour is a long time to fill, but it flew by."Yvonne Goodfellow, Mirage Television 

“Big hearted ....Glorious....Uplifting” The Skinny;             “Very Funny” Three Weeks