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Paul Penns

Paul Penns started comedy in August 2016, getting his first paid gigs in January 2017. With a few hundred gigs under his belt, in London and across the UK, Paul is a warm comic who can charm a wide variety of rooms with material that ranges from growing up in Croydon to being a recovering Jehovah’s Witness. As a former preacher, Paul knows how to work a room.

He was one of the first people to live in a flat at Battersea Power Station, and since the start of 2017 Paul has run his own weekly night Battersea Power Comedy (not in his flat), giving him lots of compering experience. He’s ‘beaten the Frog’ at the Frog & Bucket and beaten the gong at Manchester Comedy Store several times.

He plays tennis every day and has travelled the world teaching people how to use Microsoft software properly. A fact he hasn’t yet got material out of. His biggest achievement was winning £14,000 in two spins of roulette. Which sounds great, but he also managed to lose £27,000 in one session… From losing money to losing religion, Paul has rich life experiences to share in his stand-up.

He’s also fond of stupid jokes.