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Conor Pope

At only 18, Conor Pope is old beyond his years. His world-weary view knows no bounds: politics, the media, fellow teenagers, pop culture, philosophy and even Christmas have all been on the receiving end of his vitriolic, yet eloquent satire. Bitter (and often depressing) rage of the kind usually seen in middle aged men is perhaps not the most obvious form of comedy, but Pope hits his targets with such merciless precision that he soon has the audience on his side. His rambling monologues often manage to mock popular concepts, subjects and people, whilst keeping an ever-present underlying tone of self-deprecation. Despite his wiry physique, middle-class accent with flat northern tones and appearance that would suggest his self-loathing has reached a point where grooming has become pointless, Pope's savage and high brow one-liners make him a veritable heavyweight of the young stand-up circuit.
Pope is currently gigging with fellow young Blackburn comedian Lewis Costello around the north west. He has performed both Preston and Manchester Frog & Bucket comedy clubs and extended sets during the Manchester Comedy Festival 2009 and in Blackburn's Blakey's Bar.
"Should stand for Parliament" - Eddie Izzard