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Matthew Giffen

Fast-paced, frenetic and sometimes furious, Matthew explores his routes as an Irish, Colombian brought up in Windsor and the implications this has on his unique outlook on the world. A subtle blend of intelligence and crass self-deprecation.

Performed regularly at Up the Creek, TNT, downstairs at the Kings head, at the pleasance dome in Edinburgh as well as numerous clubs and pubs around the country. Has Toured internationally in France, Sri Lanka, across Asia and a regular headliner at Comedy Masala in Singapore which has recently been televised on Comedy Central. Also a featured Comedian on Comedy Central Asia. In 2015 he appeared on Asia's Got Talent and breezed through his round with four emphatic yeses.

Also works as a Creative Director in the TV/ Advertising industry and has starred in and directed many award winning promotional campaigns for numerous broadcasters including Turner, Sy Fy, NBC Universal, Discovery, FX and plenty of other character voice over work. Reels available upon request.

2015 Perth Fringe Critics Choice Award Winner
2014 Hong Kong Finalist
2014 Singapore Fight Comic Runner up
2012 Amused Moose Laugh off Finalist
2012 Laughing Horse Runner up
2011 Jokers! Joker of the year Runner up
2011 The Narrow comedy competition Winner

“his controlled explosion of energy drew the focus to his lines rather than dissipating it all over the stage, to the extent that he made me forget to write because it was all so enjoyable.” Chortle

"Absolutely hilarious - catch him before TV snaps him up!" Mark Dolan

“Fantastic energy, great material and huge stage presence. A deserved winner on the night!” Alan Sellers from the Golden Jesters Competition

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