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Brad Tassell

Here's a gift right out of Santa Claus, Indiana, the home of one of America's most popular comic/authors, Brad Tassell. Most of his adult life Brad has been touring the country performing insightful, hilarious stand-up.

Brad's show is more catharsis than simple comedy. He's not only funny, but enlightening.

If you like your comedy positive, hilarious, crazy, off kilter, and wise then BRAD's show is for you!

He is the bestselling/award winning author of Don't Feed the Bully, which is read by more than 6000 students in class a year. His critically acclaimed non-fiction bestseller Hell Gig Enlightening the Road Comic has recently been released on Kindle and Nook. And Brad co-stars in his first feature film!

Brad’s versatility and humor work anywhere, and his show guarantees a good time had by all.

Accolades Awards Associations
2014-2015 Syndicated TV series the Friday Zone 2012-2103 Highest Honors Pinnacle Award 2012-2010 5 Pinnacle awards for speakers
(Rated "Highest Honors" for comedy/motivational)
2012 I'll be in the Locker, Zen and the Art of Empathy written and starred, produced by Kentucky Public Theater
2012 Starred in his own show, Comic Therapy in Las Vegas, Rio Hotel and Casino Carnival Cruise line highest rated comedian by passenger ratings. 2007, 2010 2007 Award Top Choice Best reviewed novel 2004 Comedy CD nominated for an Independent Music award for Best Comedy Album
2010-2012 Published in numerous journals and books on bullying and comedy

Gospel Writer's Autographs (2013)

The Friday Zone
The Jenny McCarthy Show
Nightshift w/Ferguson
The Danny Bonaduce Show

WLS Roe Conn
WLW Gary Burbank
Voice of America

Jay Leno
Tim Allen
Jeff Foxworthy
I'll Be in the locker, Hell Gig, You did it Where? Billy Fustertag, Hell to Pay, Don't Feed the Bully, Speaking of Math,
I'll Be in the Locker, Zen and the Art of Empathy