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Caro Sparks
Have been on the cabaret (Duckies and Cafe Du Paris) and festival circuit (Glastonbury,WOMAD) for about 20 years now,  am now breaking into comedy clubs in the leagalest way possible.

Most recent comedy gigs have been at Chicken and Hen's Catface Comedy Club, Soho Theatre, a NUS conference in Blackpool and Bath Spa University. Am pleased to inform you there were no flying eggs, rotten tomatoes or pigs at these gigs.My act is unique as I am deaf bilingual in speech and sign language, I perform well known recorded songs such as Kate Bush's 'Wuthering Heights' in dance mime and sign language, along with some patter. 'Famous for her powerful and innovative signed song work – ‘making popular songs accessible to deaf people and signing accesible hearing people': - Getting Noticed
'The performance seems to cast a spell on the audience, whether they are hearing or not.' - Geoff Adams-Spink, BBC News website
'....features the creative talents of leading sign song artist Caroline Parker, who has been delighting audiences with her interpretations of classic songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody' - Press Release for Liberty Festival @ Trafalgar Square.
  '...has a remarkably easy stage presence' , 'adding her hysterical touches to well-worn tunes, such as her rendition of Kirsty MacColl’s In These Shoes, or relishing a whole new level of caprice in Eartha Kitt’s Old Fashioned Millionaire.' - The Stage Friday 30 September 2005 at 10:45 by Paul Vale
'There are two things that really shine here, and the first is Caroline Parker herself. ....There are comedy moments too, both in the dialogue and in the songs, with Parker's performance of In These Shoes by Kirsty MacColl an obvious high point........ I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and I sincerely hope that more people get the chance to appreciate the Caroline Parker experience. .......I left the theatre with a massive grin on my face and a warm feeling inside. " Author: Alan Montgomer GaydarNation