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Woody Bop Muddy's Record Graveyard

Record Graveyard is a fabulous comedy act, which never fails to cause hilarity, and excitement wherever it is performed. The idea is simple; Woody takes the stage armed with a record player, selection of LPs, the 'Golden Hammer', and a bucket of RICE. In a fury of madness Woody scratches, sets fire to, snaps, head buts and generally destroys each record in turn. But not before the audience get their chance to vote on them. -Should it be saved and sent to 'record heaven'? or nailed to a lump of wood and smashed to smithereens with the golden hammer? Once the audience realise they have the power to nail a 'Bros' or 'Jason Donovan' LP to the wood, all hell breaks loose.

Recently Woody has introduced a CD player and CD's into the format especially for student gigs. Thus, records by the Spice Girls (Rice Girls), Boy zone, and the Teletubbies etc. can also be included and judged by the audience. Combine this winning formula, with a never-ending stream of jokes, rice throwing, and mad observations, and you have a show which is not only different and fresh, but which is bound to create laughter and passion.

Woody has performed all over the place, including:- ' Just for Laughs' festival, Montreal. Edinburgh festival. Moors Festival, Germany. Lowlands Festival and Orange boom festival, Holland. Glastonbury, Reading, Phoenix, V99, Tribal Gathering, and the Beach festival. As well as loads of gigs in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Ireland. He has also performed at all the comedy venues in London and Great Britain, including Jongluers, Comedy Store, Up the Creek, Glee Club, etc.; and has appeared at virtually every university in England. TV and radio work includes stuff for the BBC, BBC Wales, Carlton, Granada, Scottish TV and US Cable.

"A breath of fresh lunacy" ...The Guardian.
"Created near riot" ...The Stage.
"Best novelty act" ...Time Out.
"Mad as pig shit" ...Farmers Gazette.

Unleash the awesome stupidity of Record Graveyard
And remember………….. THINK RICE!