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Mark Billingham
-Who the hell is he?

As the taller half of top double act The Tracy Brothers, Mark began peddling his particular brand of nonsense that apparently passes for comedy, in 1987. Since that time he's appeared on over thirty radio and TV shows, played every comedy club in the country and bought a new hat. As a comedy actor he was the first human to appear on Spitting Image and his other TV and radio credits range from Maid Marian And Her Merry Men through Birds Of A Feather to The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

Mark is now a solo turn and is consequently cheaper to book! He comperes regularly at the Comedy Store and Jongleurs - London's foremost comedy clubs - where he talks dirty, waxes lyrical about animal husbandry and takes the piss out of peoples shirts. Despite this penchant for cheap and easy smut, recent years have also seen him sloshing merrily about in the often perilous and murky shallows of children's television. He has serenaded Gordon The Gopher and Ed the Duck; given away his appendix on Live and Kicking, and written and presented two series of BBC's What's That Noise which in 1995 won the Royal Television Society award for best entertainment programme. If asked how he equates these two very different sets of comedic personae, he would probably say something flippant like "well...children can often be far more objective than adults...besides, they're rarely pissed and they don't throw glasses". This, and the money, is why he wrote Knight School for Granada TV which was nominated as best childrens drama at the RTS awards for two years in succession. He is currently writing an original children's sci-fi drama for the BBC,a new series for Aardman Animations and his first novel.

Described as "sharp and entertaining" by the Guardian...

"one of the very best of the newer talents" by the Sunday Times ...

"perfect" by Derek Jameson,

and "lower than filth" by an angry caller to the BBC

, this clean-living Brummie funster loves stationery, hates hippies and leans towards the 2000 year old Aristophanic doctrine that comedy is "some knob jokes". At Edinburgh in 1998 he compered the Jongleurs residency at the Assembly Rooms and in one of his more bizarre TV appearances, was to be seen debating "the death of the mother in law joke" with a frankly barking Stan Boardman on the Channel 4 News!

Mark Billingham is universally acknowledged as one of the most well groomed and punctual stand-up comedians on the comedy circuit today.