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Andy Stedman

"I don't want to overuse the word 'great, but Andy was a great compere. He connected well with the audience and wrote two love songs for a couple there who had been dating for one week. Very, very funny comic." - Martin Mullaney, Comedy CV & Cheeeky Monkey Comedy Club

"Stedman's voice is sure to melt hearts" - Uncut Magazine

During his mildly successful music career it is unlikely that Andy's voice literally melted hearts (despite Uncut's kind words), but his witty between-song chat was always a big part of his shows and often stoked as much (if not more) interest than the tunes themselves! Fast-forward to now, a few years and a bet with a comedy promoter friend later, and it's the songs that are tactically placed between the chat and the storytelling, not the other way around.

2015 has already seen Andy perform over 100 comedy gigs in his memorably cheeky, likeable manner. His first ever stint at Edinburgh Fringe saw him perform the whole month, MCing at Big Silly Comedy's Midnight Mash-Up and performing guest slots on shows such as Laughing Horse Pick Of The Fringe, Shaggers, and Relatively Normal.

Outside of the Fringe Andy has played gigs for Backyard, Mirth, Cheeky Monkey, Comedy Club, Crack Comedy, Open Comedy, Funhouse, Monkey Business, Big Silly and more. As an MC he performs with or without the guitar according to the needs of the event, and works hard to make sure the audience are happy, up for it and ready to laugh a lot at the acts. As an act himself he still enjoys plenty of audience interraction and banter, and performs 'romantic ballads' (as if!) about various aspects of life that we can all relate to. His storytelling is engaging and he can perform clean as well as more 'unedited' sets depending on the occasion.

Andy once won a Waterstones poetry prize for one of his songs about a couple who didn't say a word to each other whilst out for a meal. If that was you please get in touch! The certificate holds pride of place next to his cycling proficiency award and 10m swimming badge. Andy is a keen cricketer, avid Elvis fan, and owner of a business called Dodgeball UK. He lives in Richmond in SW London with his fiancee who is way out of his league.