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Peter Buckley Hill

Peter Buckley Hill, winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Awards Panel Prize 2009.

Founder and organiser of the Free Fringe in Edinburgh.

Veteran of 16 Edinburgh Fringes.  In 2010 will host the 14th annual show Peter Buckley Hill and Some Comedians, a show which has featured many famous and respected comedians; names can be seen on www.buckers.co.uk/perflist.htm

Has also written and performed one-man shows at the last 16 Fringes (except 2002). 40 Words (2009) received five stars in The Scotsman.  Bottom of the Bill in a One-Man Show (2001) was awarded five stars in Three Weeks.

As well as the Edinburgh Comedy Award, has won special eponymous Peter Buckley Hill award by Three Weeks; also Greyfriars Bobby award by the same publication; Fringe Report award; Tap Water Awards Spirit of the Fringe, and as organiser of the Free Fringe two Chortle awards (best off-stage contribution and innovation).

Performs comedy sets at various clubs regularly and does one-man shows in clubs and theatres. Current shows available:  40 Words (mostly about  acience and death); The Songs of 2006; My Old Man's a Dustman- a Deconstruction and Stand-Up Tragedy and Other Disasters, both of which have been shown in Edinburgh and London.

For his 2008 one-man show (The World’s Most Futile Journey) travelled on his over-60 bus pas from London to Edinburgh using local buses all the way.

Five albums of comedy songs:and standup:
Tubular Brains 1983
Official Bootleg 1986
Torn Between Two Plovers 1993
Buckets Within Buckets 2001
The songs of 2006
all available on CD

'A Titan' - The Scotsman
'legendary' - Time Out
'A wild-eyed, professorial figure, Buckley Hill is a fringe institution, partly thanks to his act (an invigorating flirtation with comedy disaster), but mostly because he does not charge admission.' - The Guardian
'always the star of the show' - BBC News
‘Peter is worried about plate tectonics, puzzled by dental records and tackles Fermat's Last Theorem through the medium of song. I laughed so much at his Heston Blumenthal joke that I swallowed two wine gums whole. I want to go and see this show again as soon as I can. Which is about the biggest compliment I can give. Apart from these five stars, of course.-  The Scotsman