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Yianni Agisilaou

Yianni is a headliner all around the world with a mind as sharp as a ginsu blade. His
ability to deliver smart but accessible laughter packed material and also to improvise with whatever a room throws at him combine to create a truly unique experience. He regularly performs hour-long shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and Melbourne comedy festivals. His ability to work any type of room sees him in high demand for corporate work.

Respected industry website Chortle said "it takes real skill to pull off a show of such simple ideas" and "sharp social commentary to compare favourably with Woody Allen"

Watch this highly regarded performance on the The World Stands-Up's website. His live performance at the recording elicited a standing ovation from the 1,000 strong crowd and
moved host and circuit veteran Sean Meo to label Yianni 'one of the three best acts of his age that he
had ever seen'.

He has made numerous television appearances including ITV's "Take the Mike", ABC's "Raw Comedy" (Australia) and is the face of "The Dealmaker" dealmarket.com. He also has experience in commercials/idents including a recent one for Channel 5.

Yianni's versatility and ability to work clean (no swearing) means he is in high demand for corporate work (having worked successfully in environments as diverse as football clubs, women's associations, schools, banks, law firms and army messes).

A 'sparklingly intelligent and very funny' man (Chortle), through hard work and quality output Yianni has accumulated an impressive list of achievements in comedy. His electric material, sharp improvisational mind and smooth crowd control skills also make him an in-demand MC at clubs and at corporate gigs worldwide.

"A skilfully crafted hour of wonderfully funny family anecdotes told with charm and passion" Time Out

"A magical hour of unsentimental but heartfelt, vulnerable comedy" Chortle

"We are witnessing a phenomenon - there's perfectly timed and executed slapstick happening on stage, but it's completely spontaneous and unplanned. It's extraordinary" Beat Magazine (Australia)

EdFringe: 2013 Thinking Big!

Yianni grab the headlines at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 with his show Thinking Big! He independently booked the 1,200 EICC venue for a one-night performance, showing that you don't have to just think big – you can make it happen.

'… awards for innovation. The winner for which should rightly be Yianni' GQ

Winner of Three Weeks Editors' Award

A 'wonderfully funny' (Time Out) look at the power of self-belief. Through confidence and conviction in the 'sharp social commentary' (Chortle) of his 'stunningly good' (Scotsman) shows, Yianni hopes to become 'the next big thing' (Three Weeks) TOP 5 FREE SHOWS – The List, NOMINATED – Amused Moose Laughter Award

Yianni - The World Stands Up (Comedy Central) from Yianni Agisilaou on Vimeo.