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Brad Moore

“You are naturally very funny, your style reminds me of the great Ricky Grover” Geoff Whiting, Mirth Control

For 20 years Brad Moore secretly fantasised about two things, performing comedy and being James Bond. It was only when approaching his 40th Birthday and a mid life crisis that he summoned up the courage to ditch the ego and get on stage as a comic. The Bond thing is unlikely. Now a rising star of the circuit he regularily MCs and gigs up and down the country for the Uk’ largest booking agency Mirth Control.

Brad has only been performing on the circuit since April 08 however, after his very first open mic performance Downstairs at the Kings Head the MC Maff Brown offered him a spot within an Edinburgh show. Also that night the promoter of the Kings head Peter Walsingham said “ You are a natural Performer for sure”.12  gigs later he was performing a double header entitled ‘ Posh Dosh and the Proper Geezer’ to packed audiences and the show was  filmed and aired by Channel 4!!

Brought up within a close east end family and as an ex stock broking barrow boy Brad’s quick fire gags, street smart confrontational style and self deprecating twists almost paradoxically bullies the audience into loving him. With a strong stage prescence and an emphasis on audience interaction Brad is happy to riff all night, dropping material in as and when needed.

Having been broke, rich and broke again Brad’s comedy comes from a true place and is born from a pathological desire to make people laugh. Last we heard Daniel Craig wasn’t bricking it.

“ I would be happy to work with you as MC any night” Rex Boyd

“ You seem to know what your doing Brad ” Iain Cognito

“ Strong stage presence, quiet scary actually” Maff Brown

" You perform like a proffessional comic of many years, but what do I know!!"  Lewis Schaffer