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Daniel Sloss - Teenage comedian

He trained with the legendary Frankie Boyle during this year's Edinburgh Festival sell out show and subsequently provided material used by Frankie on Mock the Week. Even the Stage have interviewed him: http://www.thestage.co.uk/connect/dearjohn/dj0112.php

Now writing for BBC Radio Scotland and with his own show at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Daniel is making his mark in the Scottish Comedy Circuit.

"Daniel Sloss is a rising star of Scottish comedy ... he's sure to go a long way in the future"  Glasgow University Union Magazine

"The 17-year-old from Fife showed confidence beyond his years and put several of the supposedly more mature comedians to shame." Scotsman Evening News 

Remember when you were a gawky teenager, trying to avoid eye contact with your mum because last night she caught you doing the things that hormone-ridden teenagers do in the comfort of their own rooms? Daniel Sloss remembers it like it was yesterday because it WAS yesterday.

Ten minutes with Daniel is like 10 minutes in a time machine ... but without the cool special effects ... and with just flashbacks to the really, really bad stuff that happened during puberty.

At the end of the evening men want to shake his hand. Or maybe just pat his back, now that they've worked out where his hand has probably just been. Girls just want to take him home. And, since he hasn't passed his driving test yet, that would be great, thanks! And not too late either, as he really does have double modern studies first thing in the morning.