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Jason Rouse

Every so often a comedian comes along who challenges the sensibilities of the public at large. In 2004, that comedian's name is Jason Rouse. This agile young Hamiltonian is fast becoming the most celebrated 'odd-ball' in Canadian comedy today. His stand-up comedy act is a clever combination of devilishly crafted jokes and 'freak-show-like' theatrics. In his eight short years as a comedian, Jason has won several awards for his edgy style of humour including a Gemini Award for best individual performance in a comedy program/series.

Jason was recently featured in the Candian pay-per-view hit television special MONDO TABOO which is currently airing in Canada on The Movie Network, was the winner of The Search For Canada's Funniest New Comic at The 1998 Molson Canadian Comedy Festival and can be seen in the film, THE WHIPPING BOY.

'Hamilton-hatched stand up mutant Jason Rouse is the evil Jim Carrey but he's smarter, and light years funnier!' - Darryl Jung, Now Magazine

'He keeps pushing the envelope on what's acceptable. He leaves the middle of the road in the dust.' - Glenn Sumi, Now Magazine

"I want people leaving, shaking their heads saying, 'That's the strangest thing I've ever seen'" - Jason Rouse