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Paul Gannon

Paul Gannon has been banging about in the comedy world for years, but only recently gave himself over to the dark side of stand up comedy. Outside of the copious amounts of stand up gigs he performs at around the country, Paul has also written for various BBC radio and TV projects, performed in various sketch and improv groups and can also play a mean Ukulele.

Paul is a type of ‘geek’ comic, mixing pop culture references with random trains of thought, he can juggle the cool wih the crude and his improv experience gives him the gift of being able work on the fly and change and adapt to different venues and audiences.

Other than all that, Paul has a wide range of strings to his comedy bow - From Radio to TV work, a few film appearances, podcasts, live theatre, improvisation, presenting work and makes a brilliant cup of tea.

His two great loves are his shows at The Comedy Pub - Geek Night Out (www.geeknightout.net for more details) and the The Tuesday Night Experiment at The Comedy Cafe in London.

clip of me in performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVcyFpqXFJs

Live Work includes:

MC at Shaggers (Nik Coppin)
The Comedy Cafe
The Comedy Pub
Just The Tonic
Various Laughing Horse Gigs
University Appearances
Bath Comedy Festival
Brighton Fringe Festival
The Edinburgh Fringe (Various Shows)
The Good Ship Comedy
Geek Night Out
The Tuesday Night Experiment

Film appearances:
Shaun of the Dead
Dead Set

Geek Night Out - Www.geeknightout.net
Ain't It Cool News
Various Videogames Magazines
Crackin' Magazine

Radio Work
BBC Radio 4's Dead Ringers
BBC Radio 4's Half Sketch
BBC Radio 2's The Day The Music Died
4Radio's The Weekly Show

"Well Crafted lines... highly likely to make you laugh... deft characterisation" - Three Weeks