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Russell Arathoon

“A fast paced roller coaster of one liners, double entendres & hilarious observations.  Russell owns the stage” Ian Mass Harris (Judge,  Prides got talent 2016)

Russell has got quite a following on the LGBT scene of London & Manchester.

His brand of observational humour and his  unique take on everyday observations has seen Russell explode onto the comedy scene.

He has been finalist for the So you think I’m Funny competition at the Edinburgh Fringe, won the Hastings new comedian of the year award, won King Gong at the Comedy store & beat the Black out at Up the Creek several times.

This year, his first solo show, “The Curious Incidents on the gay at night” will be touring at fringe festivals nationwide.

Russell can be seen performing at House of stand up, The Frog & Bucket, Up the creek, Komedia, & Downstairs at the Kings Head.