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The Squirrel Hunters

The Squirrel Hunters are a humorous guitar duo originally existing playing the small pubs and clubs of Doncaster South Yorkshire. They earned a reputation for being the stupidest original act around performing songs about farm animals, the perils of being a kylie fan, a fuel injected flying carpet, a ferret with a hygiene problem, a moose that had a talent for trouser design and most famously what it was like to live in a fridge. Everywhere the SQH'S played they were well received, by most (some were a tad bemused) they even brought out a demo tape entitled 'Dave the chicken' which sold well locally. Alas the duo never got the chance to spread their wings further a field due partly to the SQH's transport system (1976 Capri) falling foul of road safety and also the dreaded musical differences played their part, so much so that the SQH's split after their xmas show in Doncaster supporting 'the Bobby Charltons'.

It wasn't until summer 2001 that the original member Jez Station decided to team up with new squirrel hunter Mr Tez Tickle to form a brand new version of the Squirrel Hunters. The new version is slightly crazier, a little brasher but still right royally proud to be the daftest catchiest nuts in the Doncaster basket. Indeed new songs 'Jason the baboon' and 'Scuse me can you tell me the way to the toilet please' show what can be achieved when two like minded lunatic song writers put their noodles together. Now once more the local scene is starting to ring to the daft sounds of the Squirrel Hunters playing silly but ultimately tuneful and poetic ditties. Re-workings of old 1950's classics go hand in hand with original songs about the desperate plight of a young sprout called Alex, a spree of vomiting, a Blackpool visiting tree and the merits of going shopping with your Y-fronts on your head. Finding that this brand of tomfoolery is just as in demand in the ego-ridden music world of today as ever, the duo feels that the sky must be the limit.

The Squirrel Hunters have to be experienced, perhaps with a pinch of salt and a tongue in cheek, but certainly there has been nothing like it before and it is unlikely that there is anything to rival it now. The SQH's have madness in their method, but they are deadly serious about pushing this as far as it will go. Although their humour has been likened to that of Caroline aherne and Craig Cash (peoplesound.com) the SQH's are not comics, they are serious musicians with a mental attitude to their music and would love a chance for the nation to experience and join in with their madness.

Yes my friend the wonderful world of the Squirrel Hunters is ready to embrace you with open arms a bushy tail and a full stomach. Let it not be said that this rump-tastic duo and their humour can only entertain one kind of person, it is smut free and all done in the best possible taste -ish. This kind of music and poetry appeal to a full range from kiddies through to grandmas, sullen faced teenagers to thirty something bank managers with a drink problem. Anyone can latch onto a melody like' Hedgehog on my head' or 'Colin the badger', toe tappers such as 'Bank Holiday Jez' can raise a smile from the most rumbustious of characters. Once experienced the Squirrel Hunters are not easily forgotten.

What people have said about us
'I Wish I could play as badly': John Otway (rock star) 23/12/01
'A musical version of reeves & Mortimer' : Dez Barron, peoplesound 27/07/01
No no no, please no more, I can't stand it: Landlord of White Lion 20/07/01
'Wonderful music, very tuneful': Rupe, peoplesound 10/07/01
'Totally brilliant ain't laughed so much in ages': Roach, Peoplesound 01/09/02
They're mad as pants, Mekano 29/12/01
'Absolutely fantastic, Buddy Holly would've wet his pants at that guitar playing' Frog & Nightgown, Worksop. 12/08/02

Scratch below the hilarity of the subject matter (Y-Fronts on my head, Alex the sprout…) and you will discover a competent guitar duo who's wit and northern charm evokes the talents of George formby, Mark and lard, Caroline Aherne and Craig Cash to name but a few. Musically much of their work displays folk as well as rock sensibilities, always managing to capture the visionary lyrical flow perfectly.