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Greedy formed in 2004 and comprise of Louie Bayliss, Rachel Egan, Alan Freestone (Co-writer & Director), Felicity Wren & James Wren.

Greedy have enjoyed a long residency at the highly acclaimed Hen and Chickens Theatre and two successful runs at The Underbelly in Edinburgh.


This is an exemplary sketch show. Fine writing, brilliant performances and imagination in spadefuls guarantee that the show is received with uniform glee by the audience who did not stop laughing for the whole hour. There simply isn't a bad sketch among the whole collection. These include an Elizabethan dance-off, a T-Rex hide-and-seek competition and a particularly piss-yourself-inducing skit about a magic monkey onboard a starship. Cheerful, upbeat and a little reminiscent of 'Big Train', this will appeal to anyone who likes to laugh because it is impossible that you will not. It is destined to be a hit. (5 STARS)

“Well-written sketches with great punchlines.” “Greedy also has a wonderfully joyful silliness about it, and even though it may touch on darker topics it does so in such a bizarre way that it never loses its sense of fun.” (4 STARS)

“Greedy ticks all the boxes.”

“In these uncertain times it’s a relief to know you’re in the safe hands of a group of confident, properly funny performers. These inventive sketches are beautifully original and often engagingly sick. In particular, they deserve high praise for the marvellous scene in which a creepy old woman tricks her grandson into rough frottage. Expect to laugh for a full hour. “

“There is not a dull moment from start to finish.” (4 STARS)

"Greedy is the sketch show that i was always promised, well written, enthusiastically performed and beautifully directed." (4 Stars)

"The four players, James Wren, Felicity Wren, Rachel Eagen and Louie Bayliss, each bring brilliant individual characterisations to the show, and together they are pushing that boundary of comedy just a little bit
further. (4 Stars)