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Penny Matthews

Hello, I am Penny Matthews. Yes, that's right; I'm not writing in the third person!! If that hasn't blown your mind, maybe my comedy will?!

I think my act is at least capable of blowing one of your socks off...and if you are lucky it might demolish your gloves, melt your spectacles and smash your undies to smithereens. That's right; my comedy will literally leave you in tatters!

Ok, I'll come clean, that's only ever happened to one person: Maureen Price, a pensioner from Slough.
But, if you like silly, playful and quirky comedy, influenced by the likes of Vic and Bob, Mighty Boosh and Spike Milligan, you may well enjoy my act and laugh a lot at it. I like it anyway... and I have impeccable taste in such matters. Wink wink!

What stuff have I done, you say? These are the most notable gigs so far:

*Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2014 = Penny Matthews: Cup of Boiled String (PBH Free Fringe) 50mins solo show.

*Work with Weirdos Comedy Club, 2014 = Blue Print shows at The Lion, Stoke Newington.

*Brighton Fringe, 2014 = Frankie and Penny's Welsh Women of Wales with Laughing Horse. (Split hour show)

*This Is Not a Cult comedy night in Camden, 2014 = 10mins spot.

*Machynlleth Comedy Festival, 2014, Bring and Bilingual = 15min spot.

*Pear Shaped Comedy in London, 2014 and 2013 = Headliner spot a few times.

*Green Man Festival, 2013 = Paid 10mins spot in large comedy tent.

*Glee Club, Cardiff, 2013 = 10mins spot.

*Up the Creek, Sunday Service Show, 2013 = 10mins spot.

*WUSA competition, 2013 = Semi Finalist.

*Swansea Grand Theatre Comedy Club, 2013 = 10mins spot.

*Clowns Pocket Comedy Club in Neath, 2012 = 15mins spot.

*Funny's Funny competition, 2012 = Finalist. (I was then known as Penny Stenchworthy)