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Andrew Lawrence

‘One of the greatest as-yet undiscovered talents on the circuit' - Daily Mirror

‘Evil elegance’ - Time Out

The buzz about comedy’s best-kept-secret is fast making Andrew Lawrence a cult classic, with his 2007 Edinburgh Fringe show – ‘Social Leprosy for Beginners & Improvers’ – gaining him a nomination at the prestigious If.Comeddies awards.

Andrew has received rave recognition in all the key new act competitions and is now a regular favourite on the comedy circuit, gigging at all the major clubs across the country and building a base of discerning fans addicted to the bleakly dark comic world he creates. Having completed a sell-out run in 2006, Andrew will return to the prestigious Soho Theatre in February to perform his If.Comeddie nominated 2007 Edinburgh show.

Boasting a fiery crown of red hair and a deep, demonic voice, Lawrence’s fiendish persona is in complete allegiance with his material; it will shock you both in terms of content, and in terms of how much you will laugh. With his flawless timing and delivery he can induce tears of laughter from audience members almost against their will.

• Ideal – Role of “Marco” (BBC3, 2007)
• Splitting Cells (BBC3, 2007)
• Spacehopper – Various characters (BBC3, 2007)
• Comedy Cuts (ITV2, 2007)
• Comedy Shuffle (BBC 3, 2007)
• 28 Acts in 28 Minutes (BBC 3, 2006)
• World Stands Up (Paramount Comedy Channel, BBC America, 2005, 2006)

• Andrew Lawrence’s Cultural Radio Odyssey (series of 8), Weekender Show (BBC Radio 2, 2007)
• Shipwrecked (Presenter of 20-part series) (Channel 4 Radio, 2007)
• The Milk Run (Sony Nominated) (BBC Radio 1, 2006)

• Nominee: If.Comeddies Comedy Award 2007
• Nominee: If.Comeddies Best Newcomer 2006
• Nominee: Sony Radio Awards 2006
• Winner: BBC New Act of the Year Competition 2004
• Winner: York Comedy Festival New Act of the Year Competition 2004
• Winner: Amused Moose Starsearch 2004
• Finalist: So You Think You’re Funny? 2003

'Andrew Lawrence has to be seen to be believed…ormidably funny ' - Time Out

' Homicidal musings have never seemed so appealing!' - The List

' Lawrence is so thorough in assuming hischaacter, that he often comes across as a young man who really does kill the thing he lovesthen feasts on the gooeyness inside, singing a tune about it as some kind of teible yet touchingly inevitable caharsis. His victims’losses are truly comedy’s gain' Scotsman

'The wonderfully articulate, breakneck prose through which he delivers his punch lines is as spellbinding as it is nasty…if you haven’tseen Andrew Lawrence yet, then make time to do so. If you’ve no heard of him, dont worry – you w. From the moment he graced the limelight, Andrew Lawrence owned the stage…absolutely billian stuff' BBC

' This talented young freak is about to explode onto the comedy circuit in a big way' Chortle

' Lawrence is certainly not for the faint hearted but for those that brave i -it is quite, quite brilliant' Chortle

' Spellbinding and toally mesmerising' John Pidgeon – BBC Radio Former Editor of Light Entertainment

' …absolutely hilarious' Chortle

' He expesses his festering negatively beautifully, a relentless onslaught of savage adjectives and corosively evil metaphors. The loid language, the ceaseless pace of great lines and the vigour with which he pursues his derision all combine for a barnstorming show' Chortle

' If COMEDY could be translated into music, Andrew Lawrence’s show would sound, like Tchaikovsky, all gandiose, overwrought cadences descending into gloious despair' The Scotsman

' …watching this show is like spending an hour white-water rafting on venom' The Scotsman

' His fabulous hyperbole is executed with forensic skill and fuelled by depths of misanthropy and pessimism rarely found outside a secure ward' The Scotsman

' Lawrence is incredibly warm and likeable' The Scotsman

' I think he will be very big, very soon' The Scotsman

' Lawrence is a natural born funnyman, blessed with a talen for accents and funny voices' The Guardian

' …his descriptions brilliantly worded' The Guardian

' A picaresque cross between Chity Chity Bang Bang’s Childcatcher and Leonard Rossiter' The Metro

' Lawrence is one of the most likeable and exciting acts around' The Times

' It’s a joy to be in his contemptuous company' The Times

' …supremely polished, erudite and bloody funny show' The List

' Lawrence is dazzling and he’s certainly unique' The Independent on Sunday

' …film-casting agent’s dream for a certain type of scary misit – especiallyso as he has a rare faclity for accents, too' The Telegraph