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Tom Stevenson

A young Nottingham comedian started sketch writing and performing with Ben Pitts comedian and actor in 2009 and we put on many shows in a local hall to raise Money for the NSPCC many being sell outs Many of the Sketches worked around intelligent material. In 2010 took part in the 'Friends of the Mirth' comedy workshop ran by award winning comedian Matt Turner which lead on to write stand-up,Performed in many pub clubs since around Nottingham.

In 2011 was invited to attend the Byron Festival to perform original Stand up comedy and 2 Sketches Written by Me and Ben. Performs a variety from edgy comedy, musical comedy and One liners.

Theater Performances:
Last Tango in Little Grimly (Lead 2009) - Lovelace Theater Group
Annie (Warbucks 2009) - School Production
Pantomime of Aladdin (Comedy Character 2010) - Lovelace Theater Group
Hello Dolly (Barnaby 2010) - Hucknall Operatic society 
Beside the Sea Side (Canadian 2010) - Lovelace Theater Group
The Death Row Show (Multi-roll 2011/Co-writer) - WHAT?!
Little Shop of Horrors (Voice of the Plant 2011) - School Production
Two (Multi-roll Moth & Mr Iger 2011) - WHAT?!
Pantomime of Robin Hood (Sheriff of Nottingham 2011) - Felly Players

Stand Up Performances:
The Comedy Show (Co-wrote and stared)
Series of small pubs and clubs
3 night warm up act for on stage comedy drama.
Host for childrens award ceremony 

"The funniest thing he had ever seen" - Town Mayor
"This is a Must see show, very talented writers and performers" - Hucknall Dispatch Newspaper
"Truly Hilarious, I didn't expect that" - Comedian Matt Turner
"You're the funniest actor I have ever seen!" - Audience member
"Truly amazing writing, I couldn't stop laughing" - Audience Member
"He's going to be big" - Director