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'Taco' Aidan Jones

Aidan Jones, known to audiences and pretty much everyone else as 'Taco', is an Australian comic who started performing in 2011 and, like almost everyone else, absolutely sucked. He's gotten better though, a lot better, and since moving to London in September 2014 has been frequenting comedy clubs all around the capital as well as the South and Midlands areas. Conversational and boisterous in stage, he is difficult to ignore, and with sharp, punchy observations about family and life as a foreigner in the UK, as well as some truly outlandish stories from a life lived as a genius-idiot, it's hard to see why anyone would want to ignore this exciting young standup.

"Taco went on 3rd and totally tamed a rowdy/shouty/will they ever shut the fuck uppy crowd who, until that point, had decided to pay no attention whatsoever. The guy absolutely nailed it with some blinding material perfectly delivered and some top notch audience interaction. You need to book this guy for a gig soon coz he is class." - Adam Broomfield-Strawn

"Skilled storyteller... likeable and confident. 3.5 Stars." Rip It Up Magazine, Adelaide Fringe 2014.

"His open performance style sets the audience at ease and this lends itself to his establishing a good-natured rapport with the room which allows the audienec to relax and feel comfortable to laugh at even the most seemingly innocuoous lines." - YAWP Comedy Mag, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014.

Angel Comedy (Islington)
Comedy Cafe (Shoreditch) - Winner New Act Night
Mirth Control - Clubs around the country
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013, 2014
Adelaide Fringe 2014