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Keith Wilson

Sharp-tongued poet, musician, playwright, tv presenter, philosopher and performer, Keith is colloquial, cantankerous and erudite. Lyrically smart, his words are drawn from life's warp and weft and his music straddles an art-rock backdrop somewhere between Zappa’s improvisation and the The Bonzo Dog Band’s post-music hall vibe. He’s funny and morose. Angry and incisive. His live work constantly shifts between stand up and stand out ferocity.

The Royal Shakespeare Company, Led Zeppelin, Kylie Minogue, Take That and Sooty - these are some of the people Keith has never worked with. Undisturbed, this handsomely- wrapped clothes horse has still managed to set up shop as an anti-static old school post-modern enigma with more than two fingers in several pies.

Born in Kensington in Liverpool, he comes from a long line of professional Actors, Theatre Managers and Puppeteers. He has worked extensively throughout the UK and Europe as an Actor, Writer, Director, Stand-Up Poet and Musician -  occasionally simultaneously. Having talked his way in and out of several parallel careers, there is no doubt he has trousered more than his fair share of the natter, patter and chatter synonymous with his birthplace.  

He has longer-than-normal-for-a-bloke eyelashes, an enviable vinyl record collection, a quality shoe fetish and a cheeky appendectomy scar which he passes off as a souvenir from a minor scuffle with a shark in the Manchester Ship Canal.
Since leaving school, touring and recording in bands have been a constant in his life, along with egg soldiers, Liverpool FC and losing the end of the sellotape. From the late 70's and throughout the 80's and 90's he worked home and abroad with the MUTANTS, GEISHA GIRLS, CUDDLY TOYS, AFTER A FASHION, the EXPLODING HAMSTERS, SPIDER MONKEYS and the LOVETONES. Vinyl souvenirs are occasionally available on ebay and in record shop bargain bins .

Live gigs now take several formats - anything from a light bite to an angry farmer's gobful. There's the SOLO KW, the DUO with his pal and kindred Spiritualist MIKE SMITH and the whole nine yards with the fully loaded SPIRITUALISTS. All three are served piping hot with a gentleman's relish.

Keith is also a co-conspirator and occasional member of the many splendoured phenomena that is THE SCAFFOLD.

As a headline act (both solo and with the SPIRITUALISTS) he has worked extensively across the UK and Europe and during a hailstorm of former lives has opened for numerous acts including the Jam, Buzzcocks, Ultravox, the Police, Big Country, Steve Marriott, Nik Turner, Paul Weller, Elvis Costello, the Damned, Blondie, the Stranglers, Joe Strummer and Billy Bragg.

During the low periods - when record contracts and popularity were exchanged for giros - in order to showcase his burgeoning all-round versatility, the lad worked in a shipyard (apprentice electrician), enjoyed a brief fling as a semi-pro footballer (injury-prone) and qualified as a Social Worker (Mental Health).

In 2008, with forceps but without anaesthetic, he managed to squeeze out his first solo album 'SLIP OF THE TONGUE' with producers Roddie Gilliard and Steve Powell (his band the SPIRITUALISTS feature musicians who’ve worked with Jools Holland, The Magic Band, Arthur Brown, Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Sam Brown and Steve Winwood). Guitar driven parables and cheeky sarcasm unashamedly snogs acoustic subliminal new-man sensitivity before your very ears. Including an a la carte menu of moans, groans and rhythm methods more usually associated with the Karma Sutra, 'Slip Of The Tongue' is a seductively assembled pot pourri of well-versed aural stimulation for the modern enquiring mind.
Also fragrant and provocatively turned out, the buxom follow up album 'RAPSCALLION BOP' leapt from the mattress in 2009 and hit the streets looking for business. This esoteric long player contains much full frontal brass and a sizeable dose of buxom orchestration. Ukelele driven, piano clad, saxophone moist and riddled with verbal clever-dickery, it's cool on the lobes and largely inoffensive to the nostril.

Keith's television work seriously kicked off during 1998 with appearances on CLOSE UP NORTH (BBC), RISE (Channel 4) and the FOOTIE SHOW (Granada). The same year he was offered a gig on SOCCER SATURDAY (Sky Sports) and for the next three years he had a regular slot delivering his own unique slant and occasional rant on all things football with his smart, opinionated and irreverent poetry.  This led to a season working for ITV contributing to THE PREMIERSHIP and ON THE BALL (during which time he was twice short-listed for a Royal Television Society Award) and a 2002 World Cup gig working for Ireland's national broadcaster RTE.

On his return he showered, changed his undercrackers and was signed by BBC SPORT. He was now the country's only contracted sports poet. As a result, he has broadcast his eloquent, cheeky lip service from almost every significant event in the sporting calendar - from Wimbledon to to the Olympics. He has also been a regular contributor to ITV's Champions League coverage, working for the same broadcaster throughout the 2006 World Cup in Germany, despite his indifference to the anaemic sausage.

Blatantly disregarding his mum's advice, Keith joined under cover reporter Donal MacIntyre as co-presenter on the third series of MACINTYRE'S BIG STING (Channel Five). Broadcast towards the fag end of 2006, he brought his unique talent, a selection of hats and a dressing up box to all six episodes of the crime-busting series. Although he misplaced some of his faculties and several pairs of pants during filming, he is still in posession of all of his own teeth and a rather marvellous collection of hotel bed linen.

In 2007, his creative flair and explosiveness in and around the box were snapped up by Setanta Sports - and he spent the next two years writing and presenting a weekly seriesof finely crafted eclectic football shorts. He now works in tv and radio as a hired gun on a freelance basis.

His written work for the stage includes the highly acclaimed BALLS! (which opened a National Tour at the Royal Festival Hall in London as part of the Euro '96 opening celebrations) and numerous other comissions which have worked the Edinburgh Fringe and toured nationally including THE TROUBLE WITH MONEY and BLOODLUST - Risk Theatre Company (1985 and 1986), SEVEN ANGELS and KARAOKE DEATH RATTLE - Blah! Blah! Blah!  (1988 and 1989) and IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR - Mockbeggar Theatre Company (1992).

He has also written, produced and scored three short films - SKINFLICK (1998) which opened at the British Pavilion in Cannes, FRIDAY the FOURTEENTH (1999) and WHATEVER IT TAKES (2000). He also directed 'FRIDAY' and 'WHATEVER.'

As part of the Millennium Celebrations he was Creative Director of a major European Theatre Project (Culture 2000) across the UK, Spain, Italy and Finland and has led theatre, music and poetry workshops with youth and community groups across the country since the late eighties.

His work as Artistic Director of Masque Theatre, a nationally acclaimed disabled people's performance group based in Wirral, has yielded two national and eleven regional tours plus numerous events of national and international significance. 
Keith has written and performed a veritable smorgasbord of eclectic delicacies for theatre, television, film and radio and has worked for every major broadcaster in the UK and Ireland. He has also written for numerous actors including STEVEN BERKOFF, JAMES NESBITT, COLIN SALMON, PAUL KAYE, DANNY DYER, PHIL DANIELS, KEVIN WHATELY, ALAN FORD, TIM HEALY, PAUL BARBER and LEO GREGORY - and has racked up over two hundred and fifty television credits as a writer, presenter, musician and performer.