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Alice B

Alice B trained as a dancer at Italia Conti stage school, before gaining the school scholarship at East 15 Acting School, where she was nominated for a BBC award. After leaving drama school she was only cast as prostitutes or in funny dumb roles, so she then made the leap (well she was a dancer) from acting to stand up comedy. (Safer than the prostitution route) She started gigging for leading independent comedy promoter Geoff Whiting, which led to her entering ITV’s Take The Mic Competition (which she won) This led to a 10 minute spot at Manchester’s Comedy Store and then her first gigs at the Edinburgh Comedy/Drinking Festival.
Alice B has MC’d for Harry Hill and her comedy TV appearances include the Ruby Wax show (3 episodes, 2 with Paul McKenna)
Alice appears as a guest presenter on local radio, (Gordon Baxter’s radio show) offering topical comedy insights
Alice co runs comedy workshops with her husband and comedy partner Marek for his company Virginmirth/ Improvoice for stand up comedians and corporate training.
Alice B is also one half of comedy double act ‘MALICE’. with Marek her husband.

Winner - ITV’s Take The Mic
The Ruby Wax Show
The Edinburgh Festival (White Rabbit Cowboys)
Comedy Store Manchester (10 min spot)
Hampstead Comedy Club (MC for Harry Hill)
The Red Rose / Brixton Comedy Club
Hackney Comedy Festival 
Bristol’s Ashton Court Festival (comedy & poetry)

Monkey Business 
Party Piece
The Bowery
The Old School House

Alice does public speaking on a variety of subjects including how she has insulted various celebrities (unintentionally of course) and on being a ‘funny girl with OCD’.
Alice uses humour in her business presentations to great effect to make serious points effectively.
These include

  • Presenting at the annual OCD-UK conference in Bournemouth 2010

  • Corporate workshops and public speaking for Lloyds Banking Group

  • Ethnic Diversity workshops (Solihull Training Centre)

  • Career Confidence Building presentations,

  • ‘How to get the confidence X Factor’ for Lloyds Womens Network.