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Lewis Costello

When it comes to comedy, Lewis Costello definitely breaks the mould. At the age of 16, Costello is one of the youngest comedians working in the UK. Beginning in his home town of Blackburn, Costello first performed on the same bill as award winning comedian Brendon Burns. He opened the “You Must Be Joking” 2008 comedy festival which featured shows from Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard, Jason Manford and Paddy McGuinness amongst others. He then went on to perform with legendary comedians such as Mick Miller and Frank Carson. Costello manages to blend his American influences (Chris Rock, David Cross, Louis C.K. etc) with his Northern outlook on life to provide something completely original, often offensive and always hilarious. Costello is a regular on BBC Radio, providing the comic voice of the BBC Introducing show. He has taken his act as far as New York, performing with great success on the same stages as Robin Williams, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and David Letterman amongst others. Costello was also the warm-up man for popular comedian Ed Byrne on several dates of his 2009 tour. After achieving this in a mere six months, there is absolutely no doubt that Lewis Costello’s star will only continue to rise.

"He is stylistically reminiscent of Jason Manford, with his broad Northern accent running through a mixture of laddish humour, original observations, and a particularly clever deconstruction of Biblical events. He has both the confidence and material to go far in a competitive industry, and is certainly a talent to watch out for in the near future." Stuart Holmes, CityLife