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Matt Alford

“That’s the way to do it… intelligent, topical jokes to a difficult audience who are now shouting for more” Tony Allen, Comedy Store

"Style and verve... professionalism to match" Chortle

Matt Alford isn’t having a midlife crisis - it’s been going on far too long for that.

He first worked in a double act, then as a comical poet and storyteller, before committing to solo stand-up in 2018.

He is a core member of the collective ‘Fast, Fresh and Dirty’, which took direct instruction and its mission statement from the ‘godfather of alternative comedy’ Tony Allen and runs weekly shows in Bath.  

Matt has performed in cities as far-flung as Berlin, New York, Chamonix, Atlanta, London, and Edinburgh.

His work was first noticed when he became a finalist in the BBC’s Urban Sketch Initiative and the Leicester Comedy Festival, which led to him to write for national radio.

Matt’s jokes and stories are dark, which he lightens with a keen sense of mischief, as well as a few magic tricks and songs.

He has acted in numerous films and received professional bookings for Quartz Club, On the Piste, the charity Gingerbread, the Widecombe Social Club, the RAF, Mirth Control, and the Glastonbury Festival.

“Confident and original” Somerset Live